Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bye, Bye Birdies

It looks like our birdies have found a new home. I have been warning my little princess that if she does not take the responsibility of feeding and caring for the 4 budgies that we had they would be given away. Every day, it seems, I've had to remind her to feed and care for them properly. She was warned with plenty of time. I never did anything because I wanted her to keep them. Yesterday was the last straw. It was way past noon and she was up stairs playing with our Siamese cat so I lost it. I yelled up the stairs at her and told her the birds were gone this time. No more chances. This was it. She cried. I called up a family member who said they would take them. Since last night the birdies are gone.

Hopefully, this will teach her some responsibility. I also warned her that the cats would be next. We have a Turkish Van and a Siamese. Both very good cats. I, however, will not take the responsibility of the upkeep. They agreed when we got them that between the little princess and the teenage-type offspring the care-taking would be shared. They complain that it isn't my turn or "she hasn't cleaned it in a month" or whatever, those cats will be gone. Hasta la vista. Adios.

I already have enough to deal with without having to worry about dirty pets and lazy kids that don't want to do their chores. I mean sheesh already! Get a grip! I've been ranting on them for weeks. This time I kept my word. I will miss our cute little birdies but if I let it slide they won't ever learn. Now my Polly, that's another matter. I take care of her, feed her, make sure her cage is clean, etc. I'm cool like that.

My daughter is in mourning. I have, being the wonderfully perfect mom that I am, pointed out to her, at every opportunity, that it is nobody's fault but her own. Yes, it is painful. When we do things that we shouldn't do we must suffer the consequences. Someday, she will thank me.

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