Saturday, July 21, 2007

Geeks on a shopping jaunt

Yesterday I had planned to do so many things and I got absolutely nothing done. I made my usual Friday run to the bank and then little princess wanted Arby's so we stopped there and she made sure I didn't order the kid's meal because she is now an adult at the ripe old age of 9. I'm thinking, great, no more silly kids meal toys that I have to worry about stepping on in the middle of the night. My heart sings joyfully and I hear the "Hallelujah" song in my mind. I clearly see the windows of heaven open and God is smiling down on me. I'm a happy camper.

We proceeded down the street to Frys as I needed a mouse and some ink for my printer. I love Frys. I am Queen Geek mother. We have 2 desk top computers and a laptop. Before I go to bed at night I kiss my laptop and wish it sweet dreams. I use my laptop to chat with my dearly beloved friend N almost every night. I read the bible online. If you saw my actual bible you could tell I don't read that one much. It is still brand new. I want to keep it that way. I like pretty new things.

Ok, back to before I got off on the geek spiel. So we arrive at Frys and of course little princess wants everything within eyesight; to which my answer, being the ever-loving, wonder-mom that I am, I say NO. I found the ink, got one of each in black and color for I know that even though my printer says it's low only on black, the minute I replace the black one, the color one will jump out at me and act all jealous and I will have to replace it too. That and having to drive in traffic in the Dallas area is enough to convince me to buy both--which I do.

We mosey on down to what we came here for, the mouse, but I see a set of really cool headphones that are only 15 bucks so I put them in the basket. I'm a mom, I deserve them. If I want to listen to Mary Mary's Shackles at the top of my laptop's volume at 2 in the morning, I'm allowed. This will keep the neighbors from calling the Po-Po on me for disturbing the peace in the middle of the night. Po-Po = Police, you like that huh? I got it from Madea on Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I love his movies. I must've been black in another life. Or maybe I am part black and my mom won't admit it. It would definitely put a lot of things in perspective about my life. My hair gives me away.

So, I'm at Frys and I'm admiring all the new gadgets and drool over a cool wireless keyboard that comes with matching mouse. You see, Frys is THE place for geeks and geek moms alike. If there was a New Egg store, we'd be there or at Tiger Direct. We are a family of geeks, except for my husband. He supplies us with the money to buy all these geeky things. I think we'll keep him. I love to build computers so I can put all kinds of cool hardware in there and if I had the time I would do that instead of all the dozens of other things I do now.

I couldn't decide if I should buy the wireless keyboard and mouse, which I don't need, or just buy a mouse. I decided on the latter. However, this mouse is just an average mouse. It's not wireless but it is a laser mouse. Quick on it's little mouse-feet. I like it. I also picked out two CD cases, one each for the offspring. I'm tired of seeing the teenage offspring's CDs strewn about his room and the little princess understands not what it means to pick up your CDs from my desk or they are going in the trash. It doesn't matter that I utter those threatening words in two different languages, the results remain the same.

So, all in all, I was a good girl yesterday. I stayed under the $100 spending mark I have allowed myself when I go out for the day. Not an easy feat when you are a geek mother shopping at Frys.

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