Saturday, July 7, 2007

IBC - the silent killer of women

This morning I got up and visited a forum I hadn't visited in a while, I'm ashamed to say. I went to one of the Christian forums I enjoy visiting. There was a link there about a type of breast cancer that is killing women without a warning. The worst part about this is mammograms do not detect it. I'm posting a link here so you can see the video for yourself. That disease is Inflammatory Breast Cancer or IBC. I had never even heard of it before this.
(Give the video about a full minute to load).

There are so many things now causing illness in hundreds of thousands of women and I believe if we all would just share this information, somebody's life will be saved.

We don't have cancer in our family, thank the good Lord. My sister in law's mother died of cancer a few years back. She suffered so much. I hate to see anyone suffer at all but when it's preventable, well, that makes it much worse.

A friend of mine died of cancer 3 years ago this September. She was so sweet and endured so much pain before her short time on earth ended. Another friend died this past May. She had 2 teenage sons who look so sad all the time now. They caught the cancer too late.

I often think of those that have passed away that were close to me and wonder...what if. Thing is, it's too late for them. It's not too late for us. We must take our health seriously and do whatever it takes to get in to the proper clinics/hospitals and get ourselves examined. Be aware of all the things that could damage our bodies.

We have families that we must think of. If you don't do it for yourself because "that could never happen to me", do it for your loved ones. Care enough about them to do something for yourself. You are irreplaceable. Stay healthy, life is not a rehearsal.


Emerald said...

I love you for posting this info and spreading the word. To many in my family have passed on due to some sort of cancer and one of them being breast cancer. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rico Silver said...

No problem. If I can help save anybody or inform them of something so tragic, that in itself is my reward.

suzannah said...

Thank you for getting the message out! I had heard very little about IBC in the past - and I'm a breast cancer survivor (2 years next week). I'll pass the word around among my friends and family. Early detection saves lives - I'm LIVING proof. Thanks again for spreading the word - and for your kind words to me during my cancer battle.