Friday, July 13, 2007

Party Preparations

Today I will make this short and sweet because I have to prepare for my daughter's birthday party, which I must regretfully admit that I will have to endure at least a couple hours of screaming kids at Chuck E Cheese. Then come home and endure more hootin' and hollerin' from her from all the sugar she will have consumed after eating cake. Not that, mind you, it's any different any other day. This child must be God's joke on me.

My son is a model child. He is now better known as my teenage offspring. The quiet one. The one that won't ask for food unless he is starving. The one that is obedient. The one that doesn't party or hang out with wild friends. The one that corrects my web designing mistakes and brings my computer back to life after I manage to crash it in a matter of minutes. The only child in the world that I know of that has been reading since he was 2 and by the age of 5 was into medical encyclopedias and asking me if I knew the esophagus was for and did I know that the larynx is commonly known as the voice box and that it is in the neck....and so on and so forth...

Then along comes my precious princess to set me straight. To show me that God has faith in my feeble-minded attempts at motherhood. I love my little girl with all my heart and soul but she is very stressful to deal with at times. She has brought me to tears on more than one occasion bless her sweet little heart. It's God teaching me patience. Be careful what you pray for. God is all too willing to give it to you. I am living proof of that. :) Have a blessed day!

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lizandtommy said...

haha! Have fun at Chuck E Cheese!