Thursday, July 12, 2007

Work from Home - Volume 2

Yesterday I posted about the virtual assistant. Today I will post more information on that and start a different work at home opportunity tomorrow.

After getting your marketing packet ready to go, you can put them in envelopes. You can do them in the manila envelopes or the size 10 envelopes. I prefer the manila ones that are 9x12 only because they draw more attention.

Don't forget to put everything in them that you are sending out including your business card, letter of introduction and a flyer outlining your services. Do not put your fees on your flyer. They will all be different for each individual business you do work for.

This is when the phone book or will come in handy. You can use either one or both. Search under contractors and get their mailing information. If you like, you can call them and make sure the address is correct. This will save you time and money in the long run because you do not want to end up with a bunch of returned, undeliverable mail. You can also contact your local chamber of commerce, they will be happy to give you information on new business owners - these are great as they are just starting out and don't have, and probably haven't even thought of, someone that will do all their paperwork for them.

Here's an article on Virtual Assistants click here from It's very informative. You can also go look around on their website to see if there is other information you could find useful in your personal quest for the perfect business. There are also several virtual assistant databases out there you can join for advertising your services. VANA is one of them and you can go there by clicking here. I promise you, once you get your name out there and you do your marketing and keep at it, you will be successful.

Remember, anything worth having is not going to come easy but you can do it. I know you can, I have faith in you. You are smart, you are valuable and you are a child of God's. Now, go out there and be the best Virtual Assistant you can be. I'm standing right there cheering you on. Please contact me with any questions or if you need any help whatsoever. I'm here to help.

Have a blessed day!

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