Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Birthday Party Was Today

Due to the downpour yesterday we were forced to postpone the birthday party until today. Which was good because I waited until the last minute and didn't have all the gifts wrapped in time for my little princess. Besides, today is her real birthday so it was all for the best.

We arrived at Chuck E Cheese at 1:45 and it was starting to pack up, or do I even have to mention that? Later, I will post a picture here of the birthday girl and nobody else because not everyone wants a picture of their child posted on the internet. To respect others' privacy, I am refraining from doing so.

Someone asked me where my daily blogging was and I have to tell that someone that I apologize for not posting earlier today but I was busy with my now 9 yr old daughter. I promise not to slack off so horribly ever again.

The cake was delicious. In fact we still have some and my daughter has been eying it since we got home from the party. Asked if she could have another piece and being the mean mother that I am I told her no. There is only so much sugar a child should legally be allowed to have in one day. This old mom will not and can not tolerate too much of those sugar-induced antics children go off on after consuming large quantities of candy/cake, etc.

She was lucky she got a birthday party. I hate doing parties. Especially for little kids that scream non-stop for hours because for some inexplicable reason they cannot hear themselves shouting. I truly believe it is some kind of built-in mechanism that miraculously disappears as we get older. Maybe it's a secret competition among the young to see who can drive their respective parents into an insane asylum the quickest? Who knows.

I cannot stand Chuck E Cheese. The pizza is just nasty, they are overpriced and I can never just let my kids run wild without my being right there within a couple feet from them. I'm paranoid like that. I shall remain like that for the remainder of my years I guess or at least until my own kids are adults. Then the grandkids will come and I will be right there to do it all over again; only this time, I won't care about the noise because senility will have set in and my hearing will be impaired beyond control. If by chance my hearing is still as sharp as it is now I'll just pull out my hearing aid--that should do it.


lizandtommy said...

Bring me a piece of cake next time!!!! haha

"his-self" said...


I remember very well, living in Ft. Worth with two little "young-uns". Chuck E Cheese was a God send to us because the kids could do just about anything and The Bride and I didn't have to worry about the folks at neighboring tables being upset.

It is what it is....

Rico Silver said...


You got that right, people at the neighboring tables' kids are just as loud or louder than ours so they don't complain.

A friend of mine suggested I take a couple Tylenol before going. I must admit I forgot to take them but since we got a corner table near the entrance it wasn't too bad. We were there 3 hours...a record for me at Chuck E Cheese. Usually, I high-tail it out of there an hour or hour and a half tops.