Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Kid's Eating Habits

As you all know I have been blessed with two offspring that are completely opposite. They are different as night and day. The teenage-type offspring was a very healthy eater when he was little. He loved his veggies and fish and baked chicken and just about anything I would put in front of him. He trusted his mommy to feed him good, healthy, nutritious meals. Oh, how I miss those days of sheer joy at watching him eat the food I prepared without worry that he would pick it apart and make faces at it. Those were the days. Life was simple, sweet and uncomplicated.

I don't know when or how it happened but one day he just woke up and hated everything that is good for him. He won't touch green beans, gags if he smells any type of seafood being prepared let alone eat it. I don't think he drinks plain water, at least I don't see him do it. He drinks green tea or Kool Aid or soda if I make the mistake of buying it. What's funny is when he was younger he didn't want his food touching other food on his plate. Each had to be separated on the plate. Very strange, indeed, but he did eat healthy.

I've discovered and finally gave into the realization that my teenage offspring is a junk-food junkie. My heart is forever broken. Where did I go wrong? Along the path of adolescence years, what did I do to make him become this way? I tell you, I will ponder that question 'til my dying day. Will I still worry about his eating habits when he's off at college? Can somebody answer these life-altering questions for me, please?

My little princess has been good with the eating thing and yesterday I made tuna casserole, she seemed excited that I was making that. You see, my little princess loves food. She is constantly eating. Loves fruit, fish, lobster, crab, just about anything. Yesterday she didn't eat the tuna casserole. It was even her favorite at one time. The cheesy kind that for whatever reason I hadn't been able to find on store shelves since last year. She didn't eat it. Please, Lord, don't do me like this, not here not now. Let her stay normal.

A few years back we were driving, just me and her, down LBJ Freeway and saw an 18-wheeler hauling some chickens. She asked me where they were going. I, being the sensitive, loving, wonder-mom that I am, told her they were going for a ride. I know my child well and knew what would ensue if went into detail of where they were really going. She proceeded to go on a seemingly never-ending banter of how nice that the chickens got to go on an outing. Yes, I agreed. The following week we see another truck hauling the same thing only this time our wonderful teenage-type offspring happily announces where the chickens are really going. Needless to say, my daughter burst into tears because she loves all animals. My son, being the ever-loving brother that he is, told her he loves them too with a little bit of sauce on the side. It is a good thing my son doesn't really go anywhere with us any more.

My poor daughter has been lied to about the chickens and also about the bunnies on the side of the road. One day when she was still in daycare and I had to pick her up on my way home from work, we came upon a bunny on the side of the road who's lucky feet had run out of luck. I was too tired to explain and so I told her the bunny was just sleeping. Again, she goes on a never-ending banter about how the bunnies are so tired from hopping all over the place and it was just taking a nap. Yes, I reply. I know, I do have the overprotective mother of the year award. It hangs proudly in my living room above the mean mom trophy.

Last year, I had to finally tell her, sweetheart, the bunnies on the side of the road; they're not sleeping--they're dead. Now I am the proud owner of the Cruelty to Offspring Award. Soon we'll have to get a bigger house just to accommodate all my title awards. I'm good that way.

My little princess has since gotten the talk about the circle of life and the food chain. She happily continues to eat hamburgers and chicken nuggets which she now knows come from cows and chickens. This leads me to believe that I may have messed up with one of the offspring somewhere in my attempt at being a good mom but the second one wasn't damaged too bad. I guess the first one we use as practice.

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