Monday, July 30, 2007

Homeschool curriculums

Last night I was up late thinking I need to order my little princess' homeschool curriculum for the upcoming school year. Luckily, we can start school when we like - that's the beauty of homeschooling. I know now that I am home all the time I will be able to help her thrive with her school work.

This year I've looked into Sonlight and the Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse. I'm leaning towards the Switched on Schoolhouse. The Sonlight, I'm sure, is good but I think highly overpriced. Last year we did Abeka; we didn't care for that one. The teenage-type offspring will continue with the Robinson curriculum. The Robinson curriculum is really good and you can read more about it here. It is more for the self-taught, independent learner. This describes my teenage-type offspring. The good thing about it is the cost is low and can be used for grades K thru 12. Now that is awesome! I highly recommend the Robinson curriculum for those that are on a budget and who's kids are independent learners.

I'm sure that even if your child is not an independent learner, you can also use this curriculum as all the materials can be printed. If you want to do that I would suggest you take the CDs with the information you want printed to a Kinkos or Staples to get them to print them for you. Unless you want to use up all your ink at home. They can do it inexpensively and in a matter of minutes.

Every child has different learning styles and you have to do a lot of research on which would be best for your child's particular needs. There is a lot of information on the web. If you want to read some reviews on many of them you can visit this website. You would be surprised at the reviews on some. One thing that isn't included in the Robinson curriculum is the math so that is one subject you will have to purchase elsewhere. They also offer a 20% off coupon for the Saxon math. That's what we use. Remember, once your child is through with the math books, you can sell them or pass them on to another homeschooling family.

The state we live is in not very strict when it comes to homeschooling records but I always keep grades on a CD (in case my computer dies and cannot be resuscitated). When the time comes for my children to take their SAT, I will be well prepared. I believe that education and how it is done should be left up to the parents, not some ill-paid instructor that is there for a paycheck and only that. Granted not all are like that but with society being what it is today, our children are learning things they shouldn't be in public schools. That's another story for another time.

Organization is key when homeschooling. Thankfully, I only have two kids. I have separate file folders for each of their subjects where I keep their test scores and whatever "awards" they have earned. I hate to teach. I don't have the patience. This, however, is different. These are my children and I have their best interests at heart. Something that cannot be said of most public or even private school instructors. Sadly, our educational system has suffered so much in the past few years that I wonder how much longer it will last.

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