Sunday, November 18, 2007

Candles and my solution to the problem

Being that I make jewelry, soaps and body care products I decided to add candles to my list. I've made candles in the past but didn't really want to have more work. So, I made the decision of signing up with Mia Bella candles. Boy was that a big mistake! The lady that sponsored me was awesome and I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with. Unfortunately, Mia Bella's customer service was very poor.

The candles were awesome because I got a sample from my sponsor. I signed up in October and it was November 12th and I still hadn't received anything from them. I called and spoke to several people but they all seemed rude and uncaring. I decided to give it a few more days to see if "Bob" would fix things as he promised. A few days later I got a box from UPS with the wrong candles and no explanation. Also, it appears "Bob" forgot to keep his word of using another delivery service. Trish was the customer service rep that I spoke to on more than one occasion and each time she was rude and didn't know what she was doing.

They were, however, quick to charge my card. So, needless to say, since I want things done right and Mia Bella doesn't know the meaning of professionalism or good customer service, I'm doing the candles myself.

I'm writing this in my blog because I want to make sure that if anyone out there hasn't heard the flip side of the coin with this you have it. Also, you do have to join the candle of the month program where they rip you off for 50 bucks every month for the "privilege" of ordering from them at half price....thing is a 16 oz candle at half price is $9.50 and their votive candles are $1 each. I can make them for a fraction of that and scent them however I want.

The $50 they take is supposed to be for a 16 oz candle, and 12 votives as well as a bar of soap. Even after I sent them my resale tax certificate the idiots still charged me tax! Stay away from Mia Bella and just make your own candles, it is very easy and much more lucrative. The best part of making them yourself is that you won't have to deal with incompetent people that only care about their bottom line.

In less than a couple hours I made several Banana Nut Bread candles in apothecary jars, as well as some Pumpkin Pie Streusel in Victorian jars, Apple Pie votives and Christmas Tree scented ones in 18 oz. containers I put them in little cello bags, added a ribbon and voila I'm in business. My customers loved them, I don't have to pay ridiculous over-inflated shipping prices and best of all no dealing with ignorance.

An added plus is that my house smells like I'm baking wonderful goodies.