Thursday, January 31, 2008

Memories of Yesteryear

Just today I was thinking about how different it is growing up in this day an age from what it was like when I was growing up. We used to live across from a big city park in a resort town up in the Midwest. Every summer, vacationers would flock from every part of the country to camp out in their expensive RVs and relax by our beautiful Lake Michigan. It was fun getting to meet so many new people each year. I recall walking through the park and playing there until sun down all throughout the Summer.

We weren't well off, in fact, I always thought we were poor. We never got to go on fancy vacations; after all, where does a family that lives in a resort town go to vacation? Us kids, my brothers and I, weren't treated to fast food as often as kids do nowadays. My good times consisted of having a friend sleep over and then we'd picnic in the park or in our own backyard. I can still see before me the tattered sheet we'd lay in the grass and the bologna and cheese sandwiches. We'd pretend we'd been walking in a forest and that we'd take a bit of a rest and break for food before continuing on our quest to find "home."

I didn't even have that many friends. In school, my best friend and still to this date was Lisa Cole. Lisa, Debbie and me were always hanging out together in grade school. Then when we went on to 7th grade, Debbie - being the wild one sort of went her own way. She was interested in boys way before Lisa and I ever were. Debbie was beautiful too. She had the long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She knew it too. Unfortunately, Debbie's mom passed away when we were still in grade school. Then her father a couple years later. Debbie went wild after that and we didn't see her that often anymore. We found out later she dropped out of school and left with a boyfriend to another state.

Lisa and I still talk every once in a while. She got married and had two daughters. She's still living in that same town up in Michigan. According to her, I got to move and live the glamorous life. She got a job as a cashier at the local grocery store. I came to Dallas and got a job at a large bank. Little does Lisa know that she got the better deal. I'd give anything to live in a town like the one I grew up in. The fresh air. The laid back way of life. I miss that.

Kitty Robinson, that was the name of my slumber party partner in crime. We would stay up way into the wee hours of the morning and tell each other stories. She was going to marry Leif Garrett she said or one of the Hudson brothers. I was sure I'd end up with Les of the Bay City Rollers. Not too long ago I saw what they all look like now. Let's just say I am glad those ideas were just childhood midnight talk marathons with my friend Kitty.

I miss living up there. Someday, I hope to return to see my daughter dream up the same wild dreams I had. I want her to experience swimming in the lake, sand between her toes and most important of all, I want her to be able to play in the backyard without me worrying that someone is going to snatch her away. I'm wondering if that will ever be possible in this day and age.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hum Dinger!

On Mr. Sir's recommendation, I allowed my teenager-type offspring to drive my car - yes the new one, from college yesterday. I knew there was a reason why I don't exactly always do what Mr. Sir says. We had an accident. Nothing major, just a little fender bender - to the tune of a grand to fix it, out of pocket of course. Unfortunately, he was at fault and the other driver was nice and she talked to him and said she understood he's just learning to drive. Not sure that soothed his fears as he is quite the nervous individual. I told him it was ok, that we all make mistakes when we are first learning to do something.

Now, I'm sporting a nice burgundy scrape on the passenger side of my brand spanking new car - WHITE car, no less. I've taken it to two different shops for estimates today and will take it to a third on Monday. I remember not even getting my driver license until I was 19. I also remember taking my brother's old car around the neighborhood the first time at the ripe old age of 13. Looking back I realize that I am a very much blessed person and must be God's favorite child because I lived through several miles of driving - on the wrong side of the road, in Dallas.

It was then, I believe, my mother realized that a small town girl like me shouldn't be allowed to mingle with the more worldly and embarrassingly wild teens in such a big city and we promptly moved back to Michigan. I had already gotten a taste of the wild side and being a teen, I liked it.

I'll give it a couple days before I take the teenage-type out for another driving lesson, this time, in the church parking lot. No more listening to Mr. Sir...after all he's a man and he wanted me to take our son on I-30. With the way people drive in the DFW area! Sometimes I wonder why men don't use their brain. I think it's there just so their heads won't appear flat - for no other reason.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Whiling away the time

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you plan something and God, in His mercy and wisdom, has other, more important plans for you?

Here I was planning on embarking on a new venture with a friend and all the time thinking it will work out fine. However, I'd been praying that God would shed His light and guidance on me and give me discernment in this situation and He did...quickly!

This doesn't, by any means, mean that I will give up on my dream. I've only changed gears and am on the right path now. I had, however, been a little bit leery - about this individual. Something just wasn't fitting in with the plans and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Nothing major...just a fleeting moment here and there, annoying really, like a gnat that keeps attempting to land on your face, ugh! I kept batting away at it in my mind. The thought prevailed.

Last week I found out that God has listened to my prayers for wisdom and enlightened me. This particular individual showed her true colors. Alas! I must embark on this venture on my own. But if you really think about it - it's not really on my own. I'll have the best, most experienced, most loving and wisest partner of all. The Lord Jesus Christ. I've opened my mind and heart to Him and I'm so glad He accepted the invitation. Without Him, my new business venture would be a total disaster. Now, with all fears set aside, I believe - truly believe, I will succeed.

Things got turned around just a little bit. I was always afraid to do it on my own thinking I needed someone there to lean on. The Lord knows our hearts though and He knows where my fear was rooted. Amazing how He fixed that promptly. Now I realize there was nothing to fear, I don't need a "crutch" for I have God on my side. I've consulted Him in every thing before taking the next step. He has guided. He has blessed. He has put me in a position where I know that my successes, however big or small, are due to my placing Him and His Kingdom first. I'm not leaning unto my own understanding because, after all, there are days that I can't even understand myself. May His name be glorified and that He never allows me to forget who comes first in my life.

Have a blessed day and remember to thank God for all that you have. We are but as a feather in the wind. Our lives twist and turn with the changes coming so unexpectedly. Sometimes we are flying high and other times quite low but always under the watchful eye of our Heavenly Father.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Love To Dance!

You know, I have always loved to dance. My favorite dance music is Salsa and Merengue. Being of Latina and German ancestry it's amazing what you get with these two cultures. Latinos are known for their partying and devil-may-care attitudes and outlook on life...the Germans are stoic and very void of emotion, it seems. My father, of German descent, was the epitome of that culture. Although, I must admit he did like to polka but alas! only after he'd had a couple beers; or five.

I remember when I was a fairly young girl he would pick me up and dance around the room with me. He'd put me down and then dance for me. He would say, "this is the way you dance" and he'd dance until he could dance no more.

When he wasn't cold, aloof and seemingly uncaring, he was a fun dad to have around. Little did he know back then that his dancing would instill in me a passion for the same. I guess that's why I was put in dance classes way back when I was a very young girl.

Now, I see my husband do the same thing with our daughter. He dances with her around the room as she giggles with delight as her daddy, who happens to have two left feet and can't dance to save his life, sashays her across the floor as if he were Fred Astaire and she a miniature Ginger Rogers. In my daughter's eyes, he is Fred Astaire - only better. He let's her dance like nobody's watching. And she does.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free Jewelry!!

I wanted to add that I have decided to turn this store naming thing into a contest. Soooo, if I choose the name one of you suggests, you get to pick a piece of jewelry from my shop at

So submit as many names as you would like. I've gotten a few so far and there are two or three that are really awesome. I am going to hold this contest open until the end of January or as soon as I find a name that just totally sweeps me off my feet. :-)

Here are some that I've received via email:

Curve Appeal
Elegant Encore
Beautiful Blessings
Saks Thrift Avenue

I'm truly amazed at how smart and truly creative all my readers are. I shouldn't be though, you guys are awesome! Keep the creative juices flowing and keep sending me more names. I've gotten such good selections that I may even give a second and third prize. Yeah, I'm nutty like that. It's okay though, it's all good and in good fun. God Bless you all and keep them coming.

Oh, and Sandra, your Blooming Deals is terrific. Boy, you guys are so good!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Resale Shop! That's it!

Looks like I will be focusing on plus-sized clothing and my store will be a consignment store. Not enough places for the curvaceous woman to get decent clothes at half-way decent prices. What's funny is that when people that I communicate this info hear that it will be a plus-size shop they get all excited. I don't know if it's the sterling silver part or the plus-size clothing.

I'm going to load up on merchandise in a couple days. Name-brand, preferably, but not necessarily. So, if you know of any curvy women size 14 and up, send them my way. I'm sure I can help them get a nice wardrobe together...even accessories, can't beat that.

So, now that I have that all in line I have to think of a name for my store. Any of you ladies have any ideas? If you do, please contact me, if I pick your suggested name, I will give you a free piece of jewelry of your choice from my website.

Have a wonderful evening and a restful night. Be blessed!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ladies Boutique

Last night I went to look at the place that could potentially be where I open my boutique. I had one of my friend's with me who will be my business partner. The place looked like it has the potential to become a rather nice little shop that will be catering to the ladies in the area. I hadn't originally planned on offering fashion jewelry but since I want to make it affordable to everyone, I've since had a change of heart.

Here are a few of the items I will be offering in my shop. I just hope I can pick out the sellers easily. This is so stressful. I am a little bit scared but the shop used to be a women's specialty store so I think the previous shop owner's customers will definitely continue to shop when I'm there.

I managed to get information from two of the people/tenants in the same shopping strip and they seem to be happy and didn't have anything negative to say about the landlord. The best part is that he's willing to just have me do a 1 year contract versus a longer one and the triple net is included. Granted, it isn't as fancy or as upscale as the shops down the road but I just cannot bring myself to pay several thousand dollars in rent when I'm not sure how well the business will do.

Today I drove to the other store that the lady, who vacated the space I'm going to lease, has. She was straightforward about the situation and told me their sales were great but had to close it down because of her mother being sick. It seems, as she stated, it was too much for her to handle and she decided to just close that one store and focus on the one closest to her home.

I did manage to see the type of merchandise she carries. They were nice items, no sterling silver jewelry but nonetheless, they were nice. I have my suppliers inline for the fashion jewelry and the clothing. Although, I must admit, having clothing wasn't in my plans at all. Since I have all those racks sitting in my garage, I guess I'll have to put them to good use.

The space is approximately 1200 sq ft and it seems it will work well since it already has all the slat walls already put in. It also has the two dressing rooms already built-in so that's one less thing I have to do. It does, however, need a fresh coat of paint and some minor cosmetic touch-ups.

Looks like I've got my work cut-out for me. I have to now order fashion jewelry, get merchant account set up at my bank, sign a lease, order packaging material, sort out all the racks, baskets and stuff I have in my garage. The most important thing I have to do, I believe, is pray. Pray a lot that all goes well.

Am I scared? You bet your patooty. But if I don't do it now, I will never know if I would've made it or not. What's funny/ironic is that the racks I bought were the racks that came out of that store. The very one I will be having my own store at. It came around full circle. God works in mysterious ways. I will have quite a bit of Christian inspired jewelry and scripture bracelets in the fashion jewelry. With the price of silver being at an all-time high, I know that it won't be easy to purchase for those that cannot afford it. I still want the customers to have the option. A fashion scripture bangle bracelet will sell for $7.99 where its sterling silver counterpart will cost approximately $40.

Well, I'm off to do some cyber shopping. Say a prayer for me that all will go as God intends for it to go. God bless you all and have a great evening!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I called the cops!

Since a family with several kids moved in down the street we've had problems with the kids riding their ATV in the alley behind our house. Twice I've come around the corner to come head on with the boy, barely missing hitting him with my car (my worst nightmare). I've glared at him and his younger companion and have warned them I would be calling the cops, they only smile and continue to do it. They wear no protective gear and are no more than 10 years old, if that, and the younger one is maybe 3 or 4 years old.

Their ATV has stalled many times in the middle of the alley and I always wonder why I never see the mother doing anything to keep these kids in line. This morning, while I was reading a highly recommended book titled Epicenter, I hear the loud noise of the ATV yet again. I look out my window to see the chunky little kid at it again. Mr. Sir is sleeping as he got in from work at 7 am this morning. Fed up, I picked up the phone and called the cops. I told them I paid too much money in property taxes for this crap to be going on without them doing anything about it. That I did not need to be contacted if they would only do their job and tell these annoying people that they do not live out in the country. They are not back home in a country where they can make their own rules. I was livid as this is the umpteenth time I've called on this. I told them that if they would get here in a timely manner that they would catch the little brat in the act. It wasn't but about 15 minutes, if that, when I heard the siren of the cruiser coming down the alley just a few seconds after I heard the nuisance child roar past our back yard.

Now, I'm peacefully reading my much anticipated book. I'm happy, it's quiet, I'm relaxed. I pray that this lasts. I do not like being mean to kids or keeping them from enjoying themselves but for golly gee, what are they thinking, ya know? First and foremost, safety!! Where the heck is the ignorant mother?? Does she not realize the danger those kids are in? The alley is busy with the neighbors construction trucks and tow trucks coming and going. Not everyone is careful coming around the two blind-spot corners on each end of the alley. The kid is going faster than 10 miles an hour...he's unprotected, there's an incline that he can easily flip over on if he goes too fast. If that were to happen it would more than likely kill him or leave him severely injured. There is nobody out there watching him. Almost wants to make me go and shake the mother.

We need to move out of here...too many Latinos moving in. Yes, I said Latinos, Hispanics, Mestizos, etc. Is that racist? I don't think their being Latino bothers me but I am part Latina and I know my people. That is the reason I want to stay away from them. Most have no class whatsoever. They are rude, inconsiderate and ignorant. They also live 20 people to a house...that is the only way they can afford to live in this neighborhood. Don't misunderstand me, I realize there are undesirable people in every race but man these people take the cake.

If any other Latinos are reading this blog and you feel I've offended you - you know I'm right. Whether you want to admit it or not, it's the truth. And if you will re-read that 5th sentence in the above paragraph, you will notice I said MOST...not all. So don't get your undies in a bunch. It's people like those that give us all a bad name.

You won't find my kids running wild and annoying or being a nuisance to others. I will see to that. Manners and proper etiquette are taught early on in a child's life. I wish these people would learn once and for all that just because they put up with their kids and their loud and annoying ways doesn't mean that everyone else must.

Ok...that's it for my rant for the day. Have a marvelous and peaceful day. Hasta luego!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ms. Prissy!!!

Today as I went about doing my usual Friday errands which included taking my new Nissan Altima to get its first oil change at the Honda place...yes, you read correctly, the HONDA dealer, I was labeled as being "prissy".

Now, being that I took ballet for years and having one of the strictest instructors on planet Earth who enjoyed smacking her students with a yardstick if we didn't point our toes properly, I must credit good old Ms. Mary Tanner with this not-so-newly acquired label. You see, this isn't the first time I've been referred to as Ms. Prissy. I recall, not so long ago, as I was leaving church after Sunday morning service when I heard someone calling out..."Hey, Ms. Prissy, how have you been?" I turned to find one of my dear friends from church smiling at me and coming towards me with outstretched arms ready to hug me. I was flabber was gasted - to say the least. She then proceeded to tell me how I am always so prim and proper. In my mind I that a bad thing?

Should I instead just slouch and shuffle when I walk. Maybe I'm enunciating words and emphasizing my speech beyond a reasonable doubt. Should I wear jeans when I'm at home instead of Laura Ashley dresses - albeit some acquired from the resale shop? I'm sorry, I don't do jeans, if you saw the size of my behind, which by the way takes up two zip codes, not one, you'd understand my plight. Should I (heaven forbid) go without makeup when I go out in public? Should I yell at my child instead of asking her politely to put a toy back that is to stay on the store shelves instead of cluttering up her already messy room? I'm looking for insight here. What is a prissy woman to do?

What's funny is that about two months ago I was at Sams picking up some Green Tea for the teenage-type offspring and as I walked past a couple of Latino women I noticed out of the corner of my eye that when they thought I wasn't looking, they mimicked the way I walk! My little princess looked at me and said, "Mommy, they're making fun of the way you walk." I was seething, to say the least. I mean come on...these were two adult women, for crying out loud! Being the wonderfully diplomatic person that I am I waited to get in line beside them. When they got to the cash register I turned to look at them and said, "If you need lessons on walking properly, here's my card." I handed them one of my business cards, smiled and walked away. The look on their faces was priceless.

It seems that the beatings I took from Ms. Tanner not only gave me very strong legs and taught me how to walk "like a lady" but also earned me the title of Ms. Prissy. Little did I know, back when I spent many a night nursing my bleeding toes, that my hard work and aim for excellence would one day come slap me in the face with a cold reality. I am prissy. At first I took it as an attack on my femininity. Then I felt I stuck out like a sore thumb because of it. Then I realized that the best compliment is when somebody pays me a compliment due to my "prissiness" and I'm ok with it.

So, here's to you Ms. Tanner, wherever you are. You can now rest assured that the smacking with the yardstick on my legs paid off in some weird and twisted way. I'm sure you needed to hear that. What's that you say, Ms. Tanner? Why didn't I go on to Broadway to perform in the Nutcracker? Well, you see, Ms. Tanner, my calling was to be here in the south, leading a prissy life and being made fun of by other less-prissy women. Raising kids, being married to Mr. Sir, staying home and being bored out of my gourd. That, Ms. Tanner, is the reason my parents paid an arm and a leg for all those lessons that by no means were a total waste of time or money. I was destined to be a prissy. I was meant to reign supreme above all other prissies. I owe that all to you, Ms. Tanner. I hope you don't have arthritis now, Ms. Tanner, from all those weird poses you forced upon us - your totally devoted students.

Here is the definition of prissy, according to an online dictionary:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year and Many Blessings to All!!

Well, looks like we made it through another year and a new one is upon us. I can hardly believe how fast time is going by. The aches and pains of aging have made their presence known, especially in the last 6 months. It's like I feel my body slowly breaking down; I wish it would do it even slower.

I must admit that I have started taking my vitamins regularly again. That's one of my New Year's resolutions, to take my vitamins every day without fail. I certainly feel better when I take them, if only I can make it a habit of doing so.

We have a little guest at our home. She is having a blast here with my little princess and at times says to me she wants to stay here forever. If only things were that simple. God knows my heart and He will do what needs to be done in His time and if it's His will.

Got a call yesterday from my dear friend the mighty Noodle. We had a nice chat and she gave me sound advice on dealing with some issues I'm having in my life currently. It's always nice to have a trustworthy friend you can take your innermost feelings and thoughts to.

The holidays were a little hectic but I'm glad we got through them unscathed, or barely so. School starts up again next week and I believe the Teenage-type goes back to college on Jan. 14 and I need to buy more textbooks for him. Argh....bottomless money-hungry pit, this college thing. The things we do for our children.

Why is everybody suddenly asking me how to make jewelry? Maybe next time someone does ask me I'll point them to the closest bookstore where they can find a book that shows them how to do it. If they only knew how much money it takes to start making it in the first place. Maybe I should tell them if its as a hobby to just take something up that won't cost them an arm and a leg. Like candle making or bird watching or whatever.

My New Year's resolution is to read the Bible more often and get closer to God. I pray that this new year brings this whole country into a more humble place and that more and more souls are saved for the Glory of the All Mighty. That our leaders faithfully look to God for answers instead of leaning onto their own understanding. That people will praise Him how He should be praised and that nobody worries about being politically correct when it comes to glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ.

This year I will be writing about someone in need that needs our prayers. The names will be changed to protect their identities from unwelcome scrutiny of curiosity seekers. The people will be changed as new ones come into my life and my focus will be directed to different needs. I ask that God will use me to glorify His holy name in everything I do. That I might make a difference in someone's life so that His name will be exalted. I want to provide clothing for families in need. Now all I need is to win the lottery to purchase these items, huh? Seriously, though, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I am thinking more about the not so fortunate and do what needs to be done on my part.

May the good Lord bless you all now more than ever. May He prepare us all for what is yet to come and that we may all do what is righteous in His eyes. Happy New Year to everyone and God Bless!