Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hum Dinger!

On Mr. Sir's recommendation, I allowed my teenager-type offspring to drive my car - yes the new one, from college yesterday. I knew there was a reason why I don't exactly always do what Mr. Sir says. We had an accident. Nothing major, just a little fender bender - to the tune of a grand to fix it, out of pocket of course. Unfortunately, he was at fault and the other driver was nice and she talked to him and said she understood he's just learning to drive. Not sure that soothed his fears as he is quite the nervous individual. I told him it was ok, that we all make mistakes when we are first learning to do something.

Now, I'm sporting a nice burgundy scrape on the passenger side of my brand spanking new car - WHITE car, no less. I've taken it to two different shops for estimates today and will take it to a third on Monday. I remember not even getting my driver license until I was 19. I also remember taking my brother's old car around the neighborhood the first time at the ripe old age of 13. Looking back I realize that I am a very much blessed person and must be God's favorite child because I lived through several miles of driving - on the wrong side of the road, in Dallas.

It was then, I believe, my mother realized that a small town girl like me shouldn't be allowed to mingle with the more worldly and embarrassingly wild teens in such a big city and we promptly moved back to Michigan. I had already gotten a taste of the wild side and being a teen, I liked it.

I'll give it a couple days before I take the teenage-type out for another driving lesson, this time, in the church parking lot. No more listening to Mr. Sir...after all he's a man and he wanted me to take our son on I-30. With the way people drive in the DFW area! Sometimes I wonder why men don't use their brain. I think it's there just so their heads won't appear flat - for no other reason.

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