Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free Jewelry!!

I wanted to add that I have decided to turn this store naming thing into a contest. Soooo, if I choose the name one of you suggests, you get to pick a piece of jewelry from my shop at www.ricosilver.com

So submit as many names as you would like. I've gotten a few so far and there are two or three that are really awesome. I am going to hold this contest open until the end of January or as soon as I find a name that just totally sweeps me off my feet. :-)

Here are some that I've received via email:

Curve Appeal
Elegant Encore
Beautiful Blessings
Saks Thrift Avenue

I'm truly amazed at how smart and truly creative all my readers are. I shouldn't be though, you guys are awesome! Keep the creative juices flowing and keep sending me more names. I've gotten such good selections that I may even give a second and third prize. Yeah, I'm nutty like that. It's okay though, it's all good and in good fun. God Bless you all and keep them coming.

Oh, and Sandra, your Blooming Deals is terrific. Boy, you guys are so good!

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lizandtommy said...

If your store is in Garland:

Garland of Eden; A Woman's Store