Monday, January 14, 2008

Resale Shop! That's it!

Looks like I will be focusing on plus-sized clothing and my store will be a consignment store. Not enough places for the curvaceous woman to get decent clothes at half-way decent prices. What's funny is that when people that I communicate this info hear that it will be a plus-size shop they get all excited. I don't know if it's the sterling silver part or the plus-size clothing.

I'm going to load up on merchandise in a couple days. Name-brand, preferably, but not necessarily. So, if you know of any curvy women size 14 and up, send them my way. I'm sure I can help them get a nice wardrobe together...even accessories, can't beat that.

So, now that I have that all in line I have to think of a name for my store. Any of you ladies have any ideas? If you do, please contact me, if I pick your suggested name, I will give you a free piece of jewelry of your choice from my website.

Have a wonderful evening and a restful night. Be blessed!


Bebemiqui said...

The Bold & the Beautiful

Second Time Fashion

Melissa Markham said...

Bodacious Boutique

Good luck!

danandmarsh said...

how 'bout:

Dis and Dat
My Treasure's
Diane in Wonderland
My Home Treasures
Creations Galoure

dodo said...

Voluptuous Vixen
Think Big

Tara said...

How about "More to Love"

and I AM a plus size lady!

sandra said...

Hey! I'm a friend of Natalie's...just saw this shop the other day in Alabama...
"Blooming Deals"
...written very adorably in fashion savvy pink and brown, with fancy curly letters! TOO cute! (:
(If ya pick this can send the gift to Natalie!)

Monkeymama said...

Buxom Britches & Baubles

Anonymous said...

Curves & More

I bloged your contest here:

(I'm trying to catch up on my contest roundups.. I'm behind back to Jan. 11th lol)