Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Love To Dance!

You know, I have always loved to dance. My favorite dance music is Salsa and Merengue. Being of Latina and German ancestry it's amazing what you get with these two cultures. Latinos are known for their partying and devil-may-care attitudes and outlook on life...the Germans are stoic and very void of emotion, it seems. My father, of German descent, was the epitome of that culture. Although, I must admit he did like to polka but alas! only after he'd had a couple beers; or five.

I remember when I was a fairly young girl he would pick me up and dance around the room with me. He'd put me down and then dance for me. He would say, "this is the way you dance" and he'd dance until he could dance no more.

When he wasn't cold, aloof and seemingly uncaring, he was a fun dad to have around. Little did he know back then that his dancing would instill in me a passion for the same. I guess that's why I was put in dance classes way back when I was a very young girl.

Now, I see my husband do the same thing with our daughter. He dances with her around the room as she giggles with delight as her daddy, who happens to have two left feet and can't dance to save his life, sashays her across the floor as if he were Fred Astaire and she a miniature Ginger Rogers. In my daughter's eyes, he is Fred Astaire - only better. He let's her dance like nobody's watching. And she does.

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