Sunday, July 29, 2007

Half Price Books - I love books

Last Friday me and my little princess made a trip to Half Price Books. I don't know about you but I love, love, love books. I have them by the hundreds. They are everywhere. I have two bookcases in my office, a bookcase in my craft room, another in my bedroom. I even have one in my teenage-type offspring's room. It was put there so he could get his stuff organized. Of course that's a losing battle in this house. He is after all a teenager and a male. 'Nuff said.

Anyway, we got to the Half Price Books and while my little princess made a stack of the books she was going to buy with all of $10 I moseyed on over to the Religion book section. I love Half Price Books. I love books. I could read forever. I was on the lookout for a LARGE PRINT bible. I want it for my friend who cannot afford to get glasses. There were some but I also needed it to be in Spanish.

You know something? It just dawned on me, I need to pay for her to get some glasses. Why didn't I ever think of that before now? Sheesh, my mind is losing brain cells by the minute it seems. I'm going to call her tonight to schedule a time to take her. What good is being immensely blessed if you cannot share your blessings with others? Yes, that's what I will do. My teenage-type offspring needs to go anyway so I may as well take them both at the same time.

Back to Half Price Books. I didn't find one, not in Spanish. I did find some other cool books. Even bought one on collectibles and why I bought it is beyond me. I love books. I'm taking that one back. I can't find my receipt so I guess I'll just get store credit. It's not like I'm not going back again. I love books.

I walked through the aisles just looking at all kinds of books. Romance, Foreign Languages, History, Fiction, True Crime, etc. I could live at the bookstore if they would allow me. Starbucks is in the same shopping strip so I could eat there. I could work at the book store and all I really need is a small space to sleep in. No? That's fine, I can sleep in the aisles. I just love books. I like the smell, the texture, the invaluable information that lies between all those delightfully crisp pages. The dog-eared ones too.

Walked over to my daughter and announced that I was ready. She picked up her stack and we paid for our items. I then turned to her and said as we walked out, "Let's go to the big one." She was delighted. You see my little princess loves books. She loves the smell, the texture, the invaluable get the picture. I wonder who she got that from? She looked at me wide-eyed and said but it's almost 2 and you hate driving in traffic. I told her I would take the freeway there and we could be there in just a few minutes. I'm a rebel, I speed.

Upon our arrival at the "big one" I immediately went into frugal mode. I have to do this in order to keep from running all over the book store like a madwoman and piling all kinds of books into my basket. Basket, that's right, the big one has shopping baskets as in carts. They know what they're doing. We are greeted by a group of lucky Half Price Books party hat-wearing employees, a cookie spread and a register to win a shopping spree for books drawing. I want to register 100 times but decide against it as they might look at me like I'm crazy. I'm not crazy. No, I'm not. I love books.

I also managed to hold back from grabbing a whole plate of cookies they were offering, especially snickerdoodles, yum! Although, they offered a plate towards me, I'm in control, I took only two. And two chocolate chip and another two of whatever was on the other plate. See I have willpower. Yes, I do. You are just jealous of my willpower. My little princess' eyes lit up when they gave her a party hat to wear. They shone when she saw the cookies. Kids and cookies, girls and cookies, girls and chocolate chip cookies. See, my instinct to go to the big one was right on.

We were there looking for that LARGE PRINT Spanish bible. We didn't find one. I did find some more cool books there. Being the avid reader that I am, I loaded up. I did manage to stay under my $100 self-imposed limit. Yes, I'm a woman with willpower. You betcha!

On the way home we had to drive past my favorite consignment shop. I'm under my spending limit for the day so I'm going in, I'm thinking. I did. I looked and I bought. One dress. All that fun for under 100 bucks. Hey, maybe I should do a show like Rachel Ray has. Shopping with Diane is the way, for $100 a day. I'm good. I know. I'm a mom on a mission.

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