Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Law of Attraction - what is your take on it?

Several months ago there was a show on Oprah about the law of attraction. At first I was raring to watch it. I wanted to see for myself what all the excitement was about. I got the video and watched it, sounded a little far out to me. After watching it, I was pumped then after all the excitement started wearing off; I realized that it does help some people. To what extent I don't know. More than anything, as a Christian friend of mine told me, if combined with the fact that God is the center of our lives and the one we need to go to, along with the positive attitude that we are to extract from this video, we could really help ourselves. How's that for a long run-in sentence?

I don't believe that a person is a god as they seem to portray in that video. I do believe that in many cases people attract to them some pretty bad stuff because of their attitude or behavior. Just think of it this way, if you smile at someone or make a friendly gesture; more often than not, you will get the same in return. The same applies if you do the opposite. Is it Karma? I don't know. What I do know is that if we put God at the center of our existence, He is our universe. Yes, we must have faith in ourselves and always try to do our best to be good people. However, if we don't put God in this equation, we are doomed to fail.

What I did learn from this video was to think more positive now. I don't let negative thoughts into my life. I have plans that are more structured and well defined. The goals are in place and I focus on them as I should. Once you focus on something, things start to fall in place because YOU take the steps necessary to fulfill those plans. There isn't some mysterious force that magically makes a mountain of money, a new house, a new car or whatever the object of your desires may be appear just by thinking about it. It is you with the help of God. Remember, God created you, He gave you free will. In a sense, you are the author of your own "destiny" if you will--no pun intended. However, God is your editor. He will correct us when we are wrong, if we will allow Him.

When a person goes through life thinking they can do whatever they want without the fear of God in them or without acknowledging that it is due to His grace that we even exist, their lives show the consequences. In all my lifetime I've seen this happen again and again. I've lived those consequences.

If you have watched that video or read the book, let me know what your thoughts are on that. In the next few days I will be having a contest. I want everyone who reads my blog to take part in it...I know you lurkers are out there. The prize will be something fantabulous that will help you out tremendously with your Christmas shopping. I want the contestants to submit a true story of a time in their lives when they hit rock bottom. When God came to your rescue, even if you didn't want to acknowledge that it was Him that pulled you out of the deep pile of dung that you got yourself into.

To be fair, since I have several friends reading this blog, please send it from a yahoo email or hotmail address so I don't know who you are. And for pete's not use your name anywhere on that email address or in the body of the email, or initials or blog or website, etc. I will then issue each one a number and post it on here who the winner is. Who knows, maybe you won't have to worry about doing any Christmas shopping if you are chosen as the winner.

Now, sharpen your typing skills and start thinking of a time when this has happened in your life. I will let you guys know when to submit your stories. I will make it worth your while. I promise.

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