Monday, July 2, 2007


I've been thinking of making more wrapped pieces of jewelry here lately. Thing is, I don't want to wrap just any old stone. When I say any old stone I don't mean stones off the ground or anything like that. I am referring to stones like turquoise or rubies or amethysts; oh, those are pretty and very popular and sell quite a bit but I want really nice stones that are hard to find and not exactly inexpensive. A year ago I had someone ask me if I could do a gold wrapped set of Larimar cabochons, the pendant and the pair of earrings. This is what I came up with. It was for a very special lady's anniversary.

I want some true Peruvian Opal, maybe some Brazilian Anatase. Andalusite is another beautiful, rare gemstone. Apatite is really pretty and also a little bit more expensive, not as rare, however. Benitoite wrapped in sterling silver would be amazing. Now that I have myself drooling and foaming at the mouth just thinking of those beautiful, expensive and rare stones, well I must figure out when and where my next jewelry show will be so I can raise the funds necessary to purchase these pretties. Off I go to daydream of ways to sell my wares. Have a blessed day, everyone!

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