Friday, July 6, 2007

Shopping Friday!!

Today I got up late. Didn't go to bed until after 2 am this morning and slept until around 9 or so. I didn't want to get up but had to make a run to the bank. That's one thing I don't like about having your own business. You have to run to the bank and make deposits on a weekly basis--if you don't want your checks to bounce, that is. I shouldn't complain. I'm grateful that we have the money to deposit. Thank you, Jesus.

Took my daughter and we went to Sams and bought what seemed like too many drinks. My teenage offspring of the male type is on a Lipton Green Tea w/citrus kick. At almost 11 bucks a case I don't complain. I prefer he drinks that than pop/soda/carbonated beverages. I also got a case of Yoohoo. Pure sugar, I know. I did get a 32-bottle case of Ozarka water because our tap water tastes gross. My daughter wanted a case of Sunny Delight so we got some of that. When it comes to drinks, I don't mind getting the huge cases at Sams. What I don't like is getting a pack of 9 toothbrushes because that's all they have...mega packs.

As is always the case when I take my daughter anywhere, she was "starving" when we left Sams and there, right next to Sams, conveniently and to my dismay, is Sonic. As if that weren't greasy enough, about 100 feet from them is Wendys followed by Whataburger and of course the king of burgers -- Burger King. All I wanted was a grilled chicken salad. A real one, not a fast food version of one. There was also a Golden Corral right next to Sonic. I don't know what possessed me to ask my daughter which place she preferred.

Why in the world I would think she would pick Golden Corral, where I could have had a decent salad, over the other grease joints was beyond me. I'm losing all kinds of brain cells as I age, I guess. So, since my little princess will be having a birthday in a few days I obliged. She had her usual kids meal. Me, the completely sane, health-conscious, chicken salad connoisseur ordered a Coney!! What blasphemy! The ironic part is that it didn't even taste that good to me. I ate only half of it. Was it my sub-conscious whispering in the deepest part of my cerebellum, 'no...don't do it, if you eat it, you won't like it. Think of all the calories. Think of your hips...think of your waistline - or lack thereof'

Quickly, I stuffed it back in the bag and my daughter said, "but there's still some left." Me, being the iron-willed person that I am and someone who never likes to waste food, told her, "that's okay, I don't want any more" I even gave her my fries. I tell you, I keep surprising myself more each day.

After our semi-unpleasant lunching experience we proceeded to go to the Bath and Bodyworks semi-annual sale. I wish I had gone last week when my female 6th sense told me to go. All but one kind of the body butters were gone. At least it was one of my favorites...the Sensual Amber. I was there to only spend maybe 20 bucks. A woman should never think that way when going to Bath and Bodyworks. As I kept putting products in my shopping bag, while silently telling myself -- more to convince myself than anything else, these are for Christmas gifts. After what I foolishly believed were about $20, max $30 bucks in goodies, I happily walked my bubble hiney (because of that half coney I ate earlier) over to the register.

I engage in small talk with another seemingly unsuspecting lady, it is my turn to pay. I'm so proud of myself for doing my Christmas shopping in July, like I promise myself every year and I never get around to it. I'm giddy. I'm beside myself. In fact, I'm so happy, I treat myself to a body spray. After all, it's a sale, right? Women love sales. I am a woman. I love sales. I don't need it, you say? Who cares? It's a sale dadgumit and by golly, I'm buying it! Try to stop me, I dare you. I double, er, no - I triple dog dare you! I'm in a scent induced reverie and was rudely awakened by Ms. Cashier Lady, "Your total, will be $157.95, please" I almost fell out. Right there. Right then. Then I realized she was talking to the lady beside me. Whew!

I knew I was cool. I'm good with numbers and all. I worked in a big financial institution so I knew what I was doing. I can add, I'm thinking. You betcha! Then my cashier lady gives me a somewhat daunting wake-up call by announcing my total of 80 some odd dollars and whatever cents. See, I didn't do too bad. Well, no, it wasn't $30 bucks like I had planned and had all figured out in my little brain but hey, who's counting. At least it wasn't almost $160 like that other lady. Sheesh, on things she doesn't even need. What's wrong with her? Besides, I got a bunch of cute gifts for Christmas.

Went home and hid them in my jewelry room closet - to pile on top of another bag full of Bath and Bodyworks 'gifts' that I purchased during a previous sale. My husband must not find out about them. I don't need them you say, so -- they were on sale. If I want, but only if I want, I can choose to use them all before Christmas and keep them all to myself, how's that? Yes, I can. Bet me!

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