Thursday, August 2, 2007

My favorite restaurant - Las Trojas

My husband and I frequent this Mexican food restaurant located about 30 minutes from us. I love, love their chicken fajita nachos. Every time I order them, however, the plate is piled high with nachos. Is that a bad thing, you ask? Well, no, not really. Thing is I am from the generation where our parents used to tell us to clean off our plates at every meal. There were children starving in another part of the world and how they never had it so good, etc.

I had dreaded going to this place because I always felt sick and could never finish the food on my plate. The servings are monstrous. Although, I've noticed in other restaurants it is pretty much the same. That never mattered to me. This, my favorite, restaurant did matter. We've been going to eat there since the restaurant started out in our home town. They then moved it to where it now stands due to increasing taxes and their lease was terminated.

One day I was so hungry and I told my husband to go there. I knew in my mind I would still not be able to finish it all. I came up with a new tactic. I told my husband we should split the food. It would save us money and we didn't have to feel guilty at leaving food on our plate. We never take the leftovers home because those nachos get soggy if you don't eat them fairly soon after preparation.

I've tried to figure out how they make them but have no earthly idea. The chicken fajitas are perfectly seasoned and grilled, the chips are amazingly crisp/crunchy. The pico de gallo is amazing.

A few months ago, upon arriving, I placed my order for the usual. I was so glad and could almost taste them when the waitress brought out my order. I took my first bite and was sadly disappointed. Not wanting to say anything I ate what I could and quietly told my husband these don't taste the same. The seasoning is not right. The chicken is not grilled the same. They are not as good. We paid and got out of there.

The next week we went back and I talked to the owner's daughter (they are friends of ours). I asked her why the nachos had tasted different the last time. She told me that her father had fixed them instead of her brother. Apparently the father is there during the earlier part of the day and the son is there in the late afternoons. I had almost chalked this up to another change in the menu and stop going altogether. I'm glad I spoke up.

Now as to portion size. I really wish restaurants would not serve such huge portions. You know, maybe if they cut down the size and charged less, they'd get more people to afford to eat out more often. In the process, we would probably be healthier as well.

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Karen's Blog Pages said...

I wish we had one of these restaurants in NC! It sounds delicious!