Monday, August 27, 2007

Busier than usual Monday

Did my Sams run today and got little princess a second Webkinz that she bought with her own money. It's a little one. I had no idea these little toys were such a hot commodity. Had to resort to buying it at Hallmark as the local Mardel store was out and the lady there told me they run out the same day they arrive. Whoever thought this one up is rolling in it that's for sure.

Groceries are going up, again. Of course it could be that brisket I have been getting lately as the kids are now wanting red meat and brisket is their choice. It's not cheap, unfortunately. I will stick to my fish and chicken, thank you very much.

It is very hot today and I cannot wait for fall weather. I'm so glad September is just around the corner. My little princess is not feeling well so I'm cutting this post a little short. If she naps later maybe I'll post more.

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