Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How do you tell someone?

There is a woman close to me who's husband was unfaithful...several years ago. This couple has been married for over 30 years. She is full of anger, understandably. She is bitter, undoubtedly. Why does this person stay in a relationship that is a poison to her soul? I'm a Christian but if I were in that situation I would forgive (maybe not forget) and pick up the pieces and go on. However, she states she cannot forgive. Ok, then get out of it. I know I would. If I cannot get past it, why torture myself living in a situation where I find it unbearable?

Her kids are grown up and have gone on with their lives. Why does she stay in such a horrible situation? Every time I talk to her, whether it be on the phone or in person, her venom spews forth. It is so hard to listen to her because she brings it up constantly. It rules her life. I feel sorry for her but I'm the type that I don't really have much patience when it comes to whiners. If you have an issue, take the steps to remedy the situation. Don't whine about something you are not willing to fix. Life is too short to live it in an emotional state of bitterness. Comprende?

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