Saturday, August 4, 2007

Weekend Ramblings

Well, I woke up with a headache/shoulder ache today. I usually cannot win in this battle with heat-induced headaches. I get in a funk and don't want to go anywhere after one of these attacks me.

Right now, I'm watching my daughter through the glass door as she plays in the backyard . She checks the weather before she goes outside. She also suffers from heat-induced headaches. Being that she is a young child I don't think that they are as common for her. She also gets severe nosebleeds. It's hard to keep her inside though, she is, after all, a child.

We are at the mercy of the weather. In the summer, I only venture to the grocery store and back home. Even then I'm taking my chances. There are times when I wish I could just drive north and never come back here. Even the ducks were hot and sitting in the shade of some huge oak trees by the lake yesterday. It was almost like I could see the beads of perspiration on their little heads.

There will be times when I'm waiting in the car in the parking lot of Game Stop, my teenage-type offspring's favorite store. I see the birds. Skinny, thirsty-looking birds. They run around the parking lot looking for something to eat/drink. They flail their wings, opening their beaks reminiscent of a dying child in a third world country. I quietly sit and watch as they run to the miniscule puddle of water that has formed from the air conditioning condensation. Happy that they finally are getting the vital liquid that will quench their thirst, it's like they call out to their little birdie friends. Some try to bath in the ever-decreasing puddle until their oasis of relief quickly evaporates. As another vehicle leaves, the opportunity again presents itself for the birds to drink and bathe.

I always turn my AC on full force so as to leave more water for the birds. If I have a drink I usually pour out the ice for them to cool off. I guess I can identify with them because when I'm out in the heat like that, I get thirsty, I get cranky. I get the headache of all headaches. I wonder if birds get headaches.

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