Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tagging Jewelry

Last night (or this morning rather) I stayed up until after 1 am tagging and pricing jewelry. I was completely overwhelmed at how many pieces I actually have completed and had not tagged/priced. My website does nowhere near justice to all the pieces I have. It is mind-boggling to say the least. It is also a tedious and boring task. Now I know why I've put it off as long as I did.

Nevertheless, I must put on my Namby Pamby and go forth and tag. My little princess wants so desperately to help but it is rather slow-going if I have to sit there and check her work. It must be done meticulously. There is no excuse for the job not getting done sooner than this. I'm lazy.

It took hours for me to even print the miniscule hangtags. They had to be just right, a perfect one-inch square when folded in half. Hole-punched, threaded and then tied to each jewelry piece with the exception of earrings, of course. After all that is done, I then have to go to each piece and individually put a price sticker on the back bottom corner of the tag. Oh, and the prices; well, they have to be printed on those little address labels and then cut to fit the tiny little corner on the tag. Just formatting those little suckers took me a couple hours. They had to be small but legible. I am posting a picture here for your viewing pleasure and to give an idea to those of you that are with me on this jewelry-making adventure.

Last week I had prepared the hangtags but with all the pricing, formatting and whatnot, last night I managed to finish a grand total of about 10 pieces. Argh, the agony!! I want them to look professional; not in a cold store-bought kind of way but in a way that portrays my level of expertise in this particular media. At the same time, I want to create an image that says this is handmade and contains natural gemstones and thus minor imperfections, as with all natural products.

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