Saturday, August 11, 2007

Unwanted and Uninvited visitors

Today was a lovely day until Mr. Sir calls me from the dealership, where he went to get the oil change done on our car, to tell me his brother is out front waiting. Now, why on God's green earth would someone come visit without an invitation or worse without even calling ahead of time to tell you they are coming over.

I don't like company intruding in my life without an invitation. That's just plain rude. I told Mr. Sir I didn't like that. He can deal with him, it's his family and if there is a major pet peeve of mine it is uninvited, unannounced and unwanted guests. The house is a mess, it is Saturday, I have more important things to do.

Right now I am sitting in the midst of boxes upon boxes of silver and gold and all kinds of sparkly, blingy components for jewelry-making. I will not just up and leave my little treasures to entertain his brother, I don't care that he's nice and has pretty green eyes. Especially looking a mess, no makeup, a sundress and bare feet. It doesn't help either that his family likes to visit for the whole day.

I could go head to head with their rudeness and take the little princess with me to our favorite place, the jewelry supplier. I promise to remember my 100/day spending limit. It is 100 degrees today with an even higher heat index. Not so sure I want to drive in the congested Dallas freeways to avoid UNWANTED, UNINVITED in-laws.

Maybe I'll just resort to making more of these and calm down a little bit. I love making the stuff.

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