Monday, August 13, 2007

Customer Service Rant

I have a sewing machine that was not doing what it was supposed to do - sew. It was sitting in my hallway since the heavy rains because it seemed every time I was going to drop it off at Hancock Frabrics to have it fixed, it would rain. Not just sprinkling or even normal raining rain. It was a deluge where I couldn't see well enough to drive. Twice I turned around because of the rain. I figured I would leave it until another time. Well, two weeks ago, another time came.

Ready to get this disobedient piece of machinery to the proper technician, I put it in my car and drove to Hancock Fabrics. Once there, I stood at the counter for what seemed like hours. Finally, I decided I better go looking for someone. I could hear the chatter of some ladies in the sewing department so I went there and felt like I was intruding. The lady asked me what I needed I told her my dilemma. She told me to go to the front and someone would help me. I told her nobody was there she told me, "well, someone will be there."

Not wanting to start trouble or seem rude, I walked back to the front cash register and the lady saw me and walked to get another one to help me. The second lady was a more mature lady. Grouchy as all get go. I told her what I needed, she shoved a piece of paper towards me and told me to fill it out. When I was done she told me to "bring a cart, I need something to put it in." Figuring she's old and all I did as she asked. My mom always told me to mind and respect my elders. I asked her if there was anything else, what the fee would be and when would it be ready. She grunted in a ticked off mood that it was all that was needed. Didn't know how much it would be and that I would get a call before any work was done on it and another to go pick it up when ready. She then proceeded to leave me standing there. No thank you, nothing. She just walked away. I left the store feeling perplexed and wondering if I missed something.

In the last week or so I've been wondering why they haven't yet called me. Mr. Sir tells me to call them. I call and I'm told that nobody gets a call; that the regular fee for a checkup on a machine is $62.50 and that the woman should have told me when I dropped it off. I told her the woman had been rather rude and had not answered any of my questions. She acted like it was the norm. I thanked her and hung up.

This only proves that some people, no matter their age, can be rude as can be. Mr. Sir told me to just leave it there. Not to pick it up and just buy a new one. It's not like I'm a professional seamstress and that's a Serger that cost hundreds of dollars. It was given to me for free.

I can't sew. I mean I can do simple stuff like pot holders and curtains and work from patterns but nothing fancy. A couple years ago I bought this pattern for a summer dress for my little princess. If I don't get started on it pretty soon I am afraid she will have grown out of it before I even make it.

One thing's for sure; I'll not go back to Hancock Fabrics. I would rather go 15 miles to the Joanns in the next town over. I'm sure they will be more than happy to take my money and treat me better.

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