Friday, August 31, 2007

Cosmetics and Good Skin

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those cosmetics that aren't sold at the store? The ones that nobody buys and they end up past their "expiration date"?

I use Bare Escentuals makeup and although a bit pricey, they are worth every penny. Back when I was in high school, eons ago, the most popular products used by my group of friends was Cover Girl. I used that liquid foundation and although I didn't know it at the time, it felt heavy. It was like a mask. I was one of the lucky few that had good skin and never broke out, despite the thick goop for makeup that I used.

Ever since I can remember I always took good care of my skin. It paid off I guess. A while back I went to do one of those clinical studies. One of my friend's daughter works for Stephens and Associates and she gets paid according to how many people she can sign up to do the studies. Some of them compensate nicely, others, eh, just ok. I do it to help her out as she is a single mom and depends on this source of income.

Anyway, I went in to see Dr. Stephens and he told me I did not qualify for the study as the wrinkles were not there. I had been turned away by this doctor in the dark spots, no blotchiness, no acne, etcetera etcetera. As I mentioned I did this more to help my friend's daughter than to earn money for myself. Again, Dr. Stephens turned me away. A couple weeks later I got my $10 consolation, thank-you-for-trying check in the mail.

My point here is, I'm in my 40s now; 43 to be exact. I don't like being in the sun. I have had a nightly ritual of washing and moisturizing my face every single day since I was in my early teens. I've used products from Avon, Mary Kay (which I found out am severely allergic to), BeautiControl, Arbonne, Estee Lauder (allergic reactions), Shiseido, Clinique (allergic reactions), Yves Rocher, Kiotis, Jafra ( I love this line), Lancome and others which I have long forgotten about. I realized that it was the faithful ritual of daily/nightly cleansing and moisturizing that has allowed my skin to stay as problem free as it has. Not the makeup.

I actually "tested" the claims of Bare Escentuals Mineral makeup. They state it is so good for you that you can sleep with it on because it is natural and it will not harm your skin. It's true! It feels light and not heavy; like wearing no makeup at all. I'm not plugging this product for any reason other than it does what it says it will.

I get up every morning and look in the mirror to check and see if I have gotten my first wrinkle yet and so far - nothing. In the past 5 months all I have been using to wash my face with is my natural soap. I make it. I use the lavender scented to wash my face at night. It has real lavender flowers in it. I don't even moisturize in the morning any more. Only at night. After 30 years of experimenting with all lines of skin care, from the ritzy overpriced ones to the drugstore brands sold to the budget-conscious. I have found that my soap which contains olive oil, soybean oil and coconut oil works just as well. You can find it here.

I'm sticking with it because I know what goes in it. It's all natural and it smells divine!

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N Dyess said...

Your lotions and soaps are awesome. I can honestly say I have never used such natural feeling products. My hands and feet feel terrific since I have used your lotion. The soap, though scented, is wonderful and light and makes you feel just plain clean! Thanks for offering such natural and great feeling products! I would and do recommend them to others.