Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Too busy to complete tasks

Do you ever get into a position where you started so many things because your intentions were of completing everything but in the end were too busy to finish the task? I get so upset with myself for being halfway through a plethora of activities/crafts that I don't finish. What is it about people that prompts them to initiate something with such zeal only to give up or quickly get bored and focus on yet another task; which more often than not will end up in the pile of abandoned, incomplete, futile attempts at seeing the original plan come to fruition?

I cannot tell you how many times I've started a cross stitch and even the smallest one, which happened to be a butterfly on a 5x5 inch canvas, never was completed. A baby blanket that measured 36x36 that I purchased 10 years ago in anticipation of my little princess' birth. It was beautiful in the picture, Precious Memories and all but it sat in my closet until last year when I finally got rid of it. Knowing full well and with a heavy heart that I would never complete it. Sometimes I get so ticked off at myself for doing that.

There have been times that I look in my craft stash and see product to make candles with including the dye and wonder what happened. Why did I stop and quit what seemed like a passion at the time and I was so enthralled by the possibilities of the task at hand?

I'm impulsive and I want to stop and get off the ever-spinning merry-go-round of indecision and procrastination. Maybe I have ADD. My mind is constantly going on about what I can do that will retrieve me from the daily doldrum of never-ending routine. Just some ramblings of a bored housewife. That's me.

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Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

I have a cross-stitch of the Lord's Supper that I started in Nov. of 1997 and it's still not done!