Monday, February 18, 2008

I've gotten my sewing machine!!

Well, last Friday, I got my sewing machine. I am in the process of reading the entire manual as this is a really nice machine and I want to know how to work all the bells and whistles on it. Yesterday I went out and got some fabric for a dress for my little Princess. She got to pick it out and I didn't particularly like it but she did and so we got it. 5 yards of it as that's what the pattern calls for.

Now, in my craft room I have a TV w/DVD Player, a 5ft desk, a shelf for my soaps, a filing cabinet for my files, a printer sitting on top of that cabinet, a book case, a crafting table - small about 24 inches by 40 inches, a student chair w/folding desktop, a lazyboy recliner, a basket of trade magazines, a scrapbooking cart w/wheels, a storage bin with scrapbooks yet to do an extra TV we don't use, 2 jewelry supply carts with wheels - one with 7 drawer the other with 5, a desk lamp and one floor lamp. Now, with the sewing machine and no table to put it on I'm contemplating stuffing a sewing table in there is well.

I was thinking of just getting one of those folding tables that they sell at Sams since that way I can put it away and it won't look too crowded in here. I'm also thinking that if I get rid of the bookcase, I can use that space for a sewing table. Here are pictures of my options.

Tell me what you think would be best to do. The wooden particle board one serves two purposes as seen by pics but the folding one can be put away. Of course with the white folding one I wouldn't have any place to store the sewing machine or sewing notions/accessories.

Pictures 2 & 3 are of the same table. It runs me $75 bucks at Wally World. Table number 1 is just under 50 bucks at the same store.

What dear readers, friends and lurkers say you?

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lizandtommy said...

I like the wooden cabinet!