Friday, February 1, 2008

My Car Is NOT Ready as promised...ARGHHHH!!

Well, I took a friend's recommendation to heart and took my car in to have the minor body damage repaired. I dropped it off on Monday morning. I was told it would be ready in 3-4 days but for sure by Friday (today). I called the idiot man and he said it wasn't ready yet. I told him he'd had it since Monday and the fool said he didn't actually get to it until Wednesday!!! I am livid. I'm going to bite my tongue for now. Why the foolish man couldn't tell me this when I dropped it off is totally unbelievable. I'm paying this idiotic person a pretty penny and he gives me nothing but excuses. He has a satisfactory rating from the BBB but I'll make sure that he doesn't after I get my car back.

So, here I have been making do without a vehicle because I figured I'd have it by today. WRONG!! Oh, gosh dang it! I so regret taking it to him now. I had three other estimates. The first one was the highest but they were straightforward. I so wish I had gone with him instead of the fool that I picked on this friend's recommendation. Once I get my car back, I will post the name here so if anybody does a search for him they will find out he is not very honest at all.

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lizandtommy said...

Oops! I hope it wasn't the shop I suggested. I had a really good experience with mine. Maybe he's just a fool!