Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A new sewing machine!

Since I have been reupholstering the chair I have come to the conclusion that I cannot sew the seat cushion cover by hand. I did all the sewing by hand that needed to be done for the base and my fingers are crying for mercy. I've gone and searched for one online. I want a good one but not one that a real seamstress would use. I went to Walmart, Target, Joann's and Hancock Fabrics to see what they had to offer. Didn't like the prices so I went to Overstock. Bingo! I ordered one for a decent price.

Now, I'm going to wait until I get it to finish the cover on that cushion. I hate waiting for things but in this case it was absolutely necessary that I buy a new sewing machine as I didn't want to spend another entire day or more doing it by hand.

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lizandtommy said...

Reminds me of that scene in Fiddler on the Roof! I love that movie.