Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swarovski crystal supplies

I went to one of my local crystal suppliers. I hadn't been there in several months since I've got a room full of jewelry making supplies already on hand. As you all know, I made the silly little necklace and earrings a few days ago and I ran out of the crystals I used on those and now don't have enough to make the matching bracelet. Why oh why must I always make jewelry in sets, I ask myself. Now is that anal or what?!

So, I go and I look and remember now I'm only going for a gross of one particular crystal in one particular color. Of course they don't even carry the double AB so I'm left with a store full of stones and crystals I hadn't planned on browsing. However, since I am a good customer and I love to shop even when I don't need things just because those things are pretty, well, I fell victim to lowly desires of the flesh. I browsed, I picked up and put back and I went back for more and put it in my "buying" tray. Argh! I left the darn place with over 100 bucks in crystals, stones and findings and not one single item I bought was even planned. Princess cleaned the floors for them as she does every time we go. She's been told by the owner that anything that is found on the floor she can keep. She has a substantial stash of her own "precious" stones and silver pieces. I tell ya, the kid can clean up when she has something to gain. Amazing how bribes work with people of all ages.

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