Monday, February 4, 2008

I made this necklace last night!!

A lady contacted me asking me to make her a bridal ensemble for her upcoming wedding. She wanted simple. She wanted pearls and crystals. I asked her to do a couple simple things...measure her wrist, give me the length of the necklace she wants made and a few other minor details.

I have her money. I want to know why she thinks I can figure out, from a picture, how long to make the necklace. When I told her she needed to measure her wrist, her reply was..."Uh, well, my wrist is bigger than average." I asked her what size her necklace needs to be...she emailed me back saying the same size that is in the picture!! She sent me a picture that was 2 x 3 via email. Like that is going to give me specifics. I'm near the point of just sending her back her money and chalking it up to experience, a bad one at that. I don't like thinking people are not very bright but I'm seriously considering it on this one.

Last night I made this necklace. It took me forever because of all the crystals I added to the focal area. I made matching earrings too but didn't take a picture of those.

Have a great evening everyone. See all of you lovely people tomorrow. God bless!


Anonymous said...

How pretty!

lizandtommy said...

Beautiful! I want to see the earrings!

Blings and Girly Things said...

I've posted the earrings for those of you whiny people. J/K, I luv ya, Liz. :)