Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Earrings

Several of you emailed me wanting to see a picture of the earrings that match the necklace I made a couple days ago. Because I listen to my readers, the two or three brave ones that aren't afraid to read my mindless chatter, I am hereby posting the pic. So, ladies, here are that pair of earrings. They were a little less pain in the rear to make than the necklace but only because I stopped the insanity of all those loops I had to make for each of the dangle-y doodads. Thanks to wrapping all those loops I am now a certified arthritic, over-the-hill, peri-menopausal woman bored to her eyeballs. Well, maybe I was that before these earrings but dadgummit I have to make an excuse ya' know!

I had thought about adding more of the crystals higher up the chain but my pained and crookedly cramped fingers cried out in fear and I, being the good listener that I am, obliged. It could also be that I ran out of that color crystals. Since they are double AB on the surface and my supplier is out I figured I'd have to wait and I hate to wait. Also, I entertained - but for a fleeting moment only - going out to my local supplier; a mad Middle Easterner who calls me friend every time I go into her shop but will haggle with me on pricing until finally giving in when I threaten to go elsewhere for my supplies. Then I remembered it was midnight and no matter how close a "friend" I am to Norma, I highly doubt she would be too happy if I called her and told her I had an emergency come up and would she be so kind as to drive 20 miles in the middle of the night to open up shop for me. I'm not Oprah, you know.

I also didn't dare go to her shop yesterday, first Tuesday of the month, as it is market day at the Dallas World Trade Center. It is packed and parking is horrendous, if you can find a spot at all. I'll just wait until she is open at her shop on Saturday where there is ample parking space and I won't get run over by out-of-town, overly zealous buyers flying into big D to make their presence known at the Market Hall. Nope, I value my life more than that.

The bracelet will have to wait until Saturday and I like the earrings just the way they are. Sometimes a little bit of bling and sparkle is a lot better than too much. Let's not get too gaudy with this stuff you know. You want gaudy, look at my chunky jewelry. Hey, I can take constructive criticism, even if it's from me. Have a marvelous evening, dears. God bless each and every one of you. Hasta maƱana !


lizandtommy said...

Wow! Those are really pretty. This girl better appreciate you! You go girl.

Blings and Girly Things said...

Thanks, Liz. Actually, these are not for her. I just made these to do something. :)

Ashley R. said...

WOW! I love them! Awesome job!