Wednesday, September 5, 2007's tomorrow!!

I'm sitting here waiting for Mr. Sir to get home from work so I can go to the Lady CM's to check out the scrapbooking stuff. I'm antsy. I'm excited.

Last night I was watching The Big Idea and saw how this couple started a multi-million dollar empire with only a few hundred dollars. I wonder if my enchiladas would pull that. I've always been told they are really good - it's the secret ingredient, I know it is. Although the host of the show, Donny Deutsch, says if we have an idea to do it now; well, I'm scared.

Now, you are probably thinking how good can those enchiladas be. Well, one of my ex-bosses, who just happens to be a millionaire himself and can eat wherever he well chooses, prefers my enchiladas. He likes them so much that one year for his birthday I gave him an enchilada voucher. It was good for two 9x13 pans of my homemade chicken enchiladas. He cashed them in for Christmas dinner. So, on Christmas eve that year I found myself making enchiladas.

Everybody that has ever eaten them raves about how good, meaty and moist they are. I do put a lot of chicken breast meat in them. And at the risk of sounding like a braggart, I must admit, they are muy deliciosas! Now, if I can only figure out a way to make them where they will stay fresh and great tasting for longer than a couple days. Flash freezing? Whatever that means. Hey, maybe I'm onto something here.

Which makes me wonder...what would I call my enchilada business? Hmmm, how about El Skipito Bandito's Chicken Enchiladas, or maybe Lady Di's to Die for Enchiladas...or even Arriba, Arriba Enchiladas. Maybe I'll just call myself The Whole Enchilada! I only use the breast meat, Sargento brand cheese and a few other "choice" ingredients. I like top quality stuff. Not some el cheapo off-brand ingredients. After all, what kind of gourmet enchilada maker would I be? Hee hee.

Write me and tell me what your thoughts are. Who knows, maybe someday you can say you had a hand at naming the multi-million dollar enchilada brand. Have you tried those disgusting frozen ones from El Charito and Banquet...even the Stouffers brand, they are disgusting.

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