Saturday, September 8, 2007

Oh, the agony!

First of all, I want to apologize to my two or three readers that come on here every day to read my insane babblings about my boring every day life. I did not post yesterday because this is what happened.

I was making my usual Friday errands which included stopping by Sams to pick up a few things. Mainly, the Lipton Green Tea my teenager-type offspring cannot live without. Due to lack of sleep from the cough that's been keeping me up at night, I figured I'd just go to the one closest to me. I know, I'm smart. I went, I shopped and I was in line to pay. It never happened. I stood there in line for what seemed like an eternity because the one last item would not scan. The computerized cash register kept reading "Can't make the sell". At first I found it extremely annoying that the powers that be in charge of entering this information are grammatically lacking.'s "SALE" not "Sell", hay, Dios mio...these foolish people!

The thought that I am a good Christian woman flashed through my ever impatient mind. I did not say what I was thinking. I waited and waited and... well you get the picture. While the 'supervisor' is calling out over the loudspeaker to one of the stockers to check on the item in question. He did, she entered the UPC#. Again, the item could not sell. I'm thinking what in tarnation is going on. They have hundreds of these cases back there and in the endcap how can they not make the sale? Again, the supervisor person announces over the loudspeaker, in Spanish no less, that it's not working. I look at the line behind me and apologize for holding up the line. They politely smile and tell me it's ok. Of course I know it isn't.

Supervisor calls "manager" after spending 15 minutes arguing back and forth with the stocker person, over the loudspeaker and in Spanish all the while. I'm embarrassed and would've left if the friggin' item had not been the very item I was there for...the ever disappearing Green Tea!! Manager dude scans the item, as if it hasn't been done a thousand times already. As if it's a newly discovered feature that the seemingly incompetent supervisor cannot figure out on her own. He turns around and says, "We can't sell it to you" I said,"Can you not override that and put in the price?" Manager said he couldn't. I asked for my card back and told them to keep their groceries. I walked out. It was TEA for crying out loud!

I then proceeded to go to the other Sams repeated everything minus the string cheese; I don't need the calories anyway. Went and ordered a pizza to bring home for lunch. Paid for everything and walked out. Tea was scanned without a problem, the miracle!! Walked out to my car and unloaded groceries. Turned to pick up pizza, cart tried to run off in the direction of a new car parked next to me; I panicked. In order to keep it from hitting the pretty, shiny, new car I turned dropped the pizza back into the cart and somehow caught it before it hit and I twisted my ankle and fell in the process. Now, I am the not so happy camper with a sprained ankle.

This morning it's a nice shade of purple. I did save the pizza. And the pretty car next to us. I was hoping someone would feel sorry for me and come to my rescue when I landed like a startled cow that has just been tipped over by a wild bunch of teenagers. It didn't happen. I looked around but nobody was around to help. That's what I get for going to the store that early in the morning on a weekday. I do that to avoid the crowds. I did.

Today I'm sitting at home like a good mommy. I will scrapbook after I eat my turkey pot pie. It's Marie Callenders, they are good. I deserve it. I'm a woman in pain. All because of tea.

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