Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sick again!!

Monday afternoon I took little princess to a nearby park to feed the ducks. It was a gorgeous day, the weather was mild and I enjoyed every bit of it. We took pictures and were there for no more than 45 minutes. I really enjoyed the outing. I even videotaped my daughter playing with the ducks and feeding them. After a super fun afternoon we head home after stopping at the craft store and I finally got the Crop-a-dile I was looking for and found with a 40% off coupon to boot! I'm riding high and I'm cool and I'm the cat's meow and I'm feeling like a supermom. Uh-huh. I am mentally doing the happy dance (can u tell I spend too much time online).

Tuesday dawns and I am sick as a dog. In my circuit-shorted mommy brain I forgot the reason I hate Texas so much and was quickly reminded by the dry, scratchy throat, stuffy head feeling. My allergies!! I went out like a normal person should do and enjoyed the day...for crying out loud did I not know this weather does me in every single time? Was my mind so far gone that I actually entertained the thought of living a normal life in this God-forsaken part of the country? we go again. I feel as I have razor blades in my throat. The bobble-headed feeling is slowly creeping up on me again!! I feel like Lucy from the Peanuts gang when Charlie Brown gets on her nerves. How could I have been so stupid? I thought for a fleeting moment, wait, no -- an afternoon that I could act like a normal person and pretend to be able to breathe the cloud of smog and allergens that is the Dallas atmosphere. Rant over.

I now sit like a good little mommy that knows better than to venture out into the cold cruel (or in this case hot cruel) pollen/allergen infested world that is Texas. I will now suffer in silence my fate for the next week or two. Time which I will speak with a raspy voice that some say sounds sexy but I liken to the mutterings of the creature from the black lagoon. Que sera sera.


Anonymous said...

Allergies suck. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Don't you love the crop=a-dile? I have one and love it!

Blings and Girly Things said...

Thank you, Laura.

Oh, yes!! I love the crop-a-dile. I want the Wishblade now. I will prob get it for Xmas but in the meantime I think I'm going to go get the Cuttlebug. I'm also going to go get some storage for my paper. This is starting to get expensive!