Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I have a date tomorrow!!

With the Creative Memories consultant. She, luckily, doesn't live too far from me. I want to see what goodies she has. If their line is good I will sign up. I've checked pricing and between the local scrapbook suppliers and Creative Memories, it would be to my advantage to sign up. I will get a 30% discount all the time. Their minimum isn't bad and I already saw how quickly I can spend 100 bucks at Michaels on scrapbooking supplies....very few pieces for that money too. That's with a discount.

So tomorrow, my little princess and I will go to this lady's house. I am so excited, as is my little princess. It will be neat to see this woman's "store" since she pretty much has everything that Creative Memories has ever had. She's been doing this for the past 16 years! I don't know that I could do anything for that period of time. Amazing!

We are really looking forward to the crop we're going to on the 14th. That should be lots of fun. We're a wild partying pair, me and my daughter. Staying out 'til all hours of the night--the crop isn't over until midnight. I figure we can scoot on out of there early if little princess can't hang. On second thought, it might be me that can't hang. LOL!

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