Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thoughts of a worn-out, tired, linen-skirt wearing mom

Well, we went to look at a couple of houses yesterday and we didn't like either one. One was remodeled badly the other had a weird floor plan and the master bedroom was too small. It looks like we're going to have to build one. Since neither of us can agree on what we've seen so far, we're back to square one.

I saw a lovely one online in the very town I want it but we don't really want a two story. In Texas a two story will take your paycheck to pay the electric bill and borrow from the bank on top of that. I like it cool in the house, we keep our thermostat at 70 degrees, day in and day out. You have to in this hot humid weather.

Just had to plunk down a healthy dose of greenbacks to get Mr. Sir's truck fixed. I prayed hard that the bill wouldn't give me or Mr. Sir a coronary when we saw it. I must admit it got our heart beating irregularly for a minute. After all is said and done it could've been worse.

I woke up too early to take my little princess to her dancing class today. I went grocery shopping to get some eggs. Only to get some eggs. I walked out of there with a cart loaded up with almost 100 bucks worth of groceries. Expensive eggs, huh? Kidding aside though, along with the high cost of gas comes the higher priced groceries. We used to be middle-class. I think. What is considered middle-class anyway? Since the poverty lines are getting higher and higher will we at one point be considered the poor? How much money does one have to make to be considered well off?

We're not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but I see other people, my neighbor for example, that don't have enough to eat...remember that song, "Fly like an Eagle"...well, that just went thru my mind as I'm thinking it says 'feed the people who don't have enough to eat, shoe the children with no shoes on their feet, house the people, living in the street.' If in fact their IS a solution, why aren't our tax dollars finding that solution? Our property taxes keep going up, where is the money going?

Somebody, please enlighten me. I always give money to the panhandlers, except when a cop's around. Why not give those less fortunate than I a couple dollars? If I don't I'm just going to spend it on something unhealthy, like fast food or an over-priced cup of Starbucks coffee. I feel that these homeless, hungry people need it more than Starbucks does. Some of my friends tell me not to give them money because they'll only use it for alcohol. Now, I give them combo meals from the nearest fast-food place. I know, it's fast food. Fast food is better than no food. Who knows when they'll have their next meal? Other times --- sshhhhh, don't tell my friends, I give them money.

I remember one Thanksgiving years ago. Mr. Sir and I were driving home from who knows where. There in the cold biting wind stood an old man who looked about 70 years old. It broke my heart to see someone that could've been my father (he was somebody's father) standing there asking for a handout, on Thanksgiving. I cried, because I'm a wuss like that. I made Mr. Sir turn the car around and I gave the man some money. On this very special day, when everyone I knew including myself were getting ready to partake in an evening of Thanksgiving for all the blessings the good Lord has bestowed upon us. Eating until we couldn't eat another bite, happy, laughing, playing. This man was in the cold, shivering, standing with a sign that said "Will work for food" I cried for him, I cried for us, I cried for mankind. I realized then as I do now. I am rich. Rich from the blessings that God has found it in his infinite mercy to bestow on our family. I will always be grateful, I don't ever take it for granted. I am rich. Thank you Lord Jesus for the wealth you have given our family.

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