Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monavie - the good for you drink

Oh, well, I'm usually not so late posting on here but today I had many things to do. Many of which didn't get done because of all this crazy rain. My sewing machine needed to go get dropped off at Hancock Fabrics but the deluge of rain made me turn my car around and come back home. It was perfectly fine while I loaded it into my car. I pulled out of the driveway and I hadn't even gone more than 500 feet when the downpour started. I guess it will have to wait for another day.

I have a friend who is a distributor for this good for you juice called Monavie. We were talking a few days ago about my bad shoulder which I acquired as a result of an automobile accident almost 15 years ago. The Orthopedist said it was rotator cuff and treated me with cortisone injections (I loved those) and I did physical therapy. Well, my shoulder has been bothering me quite a bit now and she mentioned her juice. I figured, hey, I'm going to give it a shot.

Today I got the juice and I will start taking it as directed. I will report back on here how it goes. I think I'm supposed to take it for a few weeks before I actually start feeling the effects of it. In the past, I had tried Noni juice -- it tasted pretty nasty. It worked but I couldn't handle the taste. We'll see how this works. Natalia, if this works, I'm signing up. Bueno, queridos lectores, los dejo porque tengo muchas cosas por hacer aun. God bless!


Chic Girl said...

I had a friend who started selling it and gave me a free bottle. My problem is justify the cost per bottle. Let me know what you think.

N Dyess said...

I will say from the start I do distribute MonaVie. A friend got us started in it after their experiences with the juice and with ours I couldn't deny it was helping us. I understand what you are saying because when she told us how much it costs, I thought she was nuts. :) That was until I tried it and had my mom that has suffered from fibromyalgia for years start taking it and notice a definite reduction in her pain level. I can definately tell a difference and it has also helped my mother in law's cholesterol level come down. Yes, you are right it does seem expensive when you just look at the price, but when you consider the potential health benefits and the fact that taking care of yourself can reduce your costs in the long run it becomes a little easier to consider it. The other thing to consider is how much it would cost you to try to buy similar ingrediants and try to duplicate the same potential health benefits. There is also the business angle to it in that if you decide to distribute you will pay a distributor's cost for the juice and your cost can go down. I know of people who have said business or not they would buy it because they have seen the difference it makes. At retail cost and drinking just two ounces a day you are paying $1.80/oz. At that you are paying $3.60 a day for the juice. Most people will pay $4.00 or so for special coffees, colas, etc or even the unhealthy combo at McDonalds or other less complete supplements. :)

Rico Silver said...

I will post on here after I've taken it and let you know what I think. As for the cost, I have to admit, I spend more on junk I shouldn't be eating/drinking. Starbucks is in business because of my expensive little habit. I should buy stock in them. :o)