Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rain, Victorian era and Gloomy days

I'm sitting here looking at the rain fall through my window and watching my grass grow by the minute. It has been raining so much I'm wondering if God finally said, enough drought for those poor people. Last year at this time the local lakes were down by many feet, some as much as 15 feet below normal.

Although my daughter complains about it all the time when it rains, I really love this kind of weather. Maybe I should move to London where it's wet and gloomy all the time.

I've been in the process of purchasing inventory for my boutique. I'm looking at some Victorian-style items that are absolutely breath-taking. I'm drawn to old things for some weird reason. I want a Victorian house with all its original woodwork and pocket doors and widow's tower and claw foot tub and...well, you get the picture. In fact here are some I found on

Someday I hope to live in one. Strangely (is that even a word?) whenever I see anything from the Victorian era, I feel right at home. Like I want to climb through time and be there...I don't feel like I belong in this era. I never have. As a Christian, I know I am not supposed to believe in reincarnation or previous lives or any of that but why do I feel this way? God, I hope you are seeing this blog today because I want answers. I'm serious.

When I lived in Jersey, there was this one house. The first time I drove past it, it was like I had lived there before. I wanted to go inside and finally be "home". Like I had been gone forever and now I was where I belonged. Everything was familiar to was uncanny and just weird. I was drawn to it and I would purposely go out of my way to drive past it whenever I was in the area. No other house has ever made me feel like that, before or since. Of course I never did go inside, the owners would've called the cops on me for sure.

In my boutique I will be carrying a lot of Victorian type things. I think everything comes in due time. I've been working on acquiring my products for my boutique for a while. I have been making jewelry incessantly for almost two years. I refuse to take out a loan for my business. I'm pretty much ready, I will be going to look at a space next week. I'm excited, a little scared and full of what ifs all at the same time. You know something though, if I don't do it now, I'll never know.

I grew up in a Victorian house in Michigan and I loved that house. I want my kids to experience that. So, today, I'm enjoying watching the rain come down on my back yard, looking at all things Victorian online and dreaming about the day when I too will have one of those lovely homes and have tea parties for my close friends. You are welcome to attend, especially when it rains.

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