Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long Night

I didn't get to bed until 2 am. Still got my 8 though since little princess stayed up late as well. I spent all day uploading new items to my website
Kept saying to myself this will be the last one but then I'd look at all the ones still left to do and I just kept going. My arm and my bad shoulder were in agony before I quit for the night (or morning). Now I know why webmasters charge so much for their work.

Still, there are many more pictures that need to be cropped, uploaded, described, etc. I'm thinking of getting a new camera, why? Because Ree has a nice one and I want it. When I mentioned this to my teenage offspring he stated that there was no reason to spend money on another one, that mine was perfectly good. He's my little (well, maybe not so little) financial advisor. The one that won't go out to eat with us because eating out is a total waste of money unless it's going to cost no more than $5....hmmm, I hope he doesn't stick me in one of those run-down, nasty nursing homes when I'm old and decrepit. Oh, I don't mind the nursing home, it's the run-down, nasty ones I don't like.

I've done several jewelry shows at some retirement/nursing homes and some of those places are really bad but I went to some very fancy ones. I mean they were so nice I wanted to move in right then and there. It was like being in a 5 star hotel. Amazing! I do need to get back to uploading more stuff so I better get.

Lord, help me do the pictures with joy in my heart and thanksgiving for having the inspiration to bring joy to others. I thank you for your guidance, wisdom and abundant blessings. Help me to be a good Christian mom to my kids and never allow me to take things for granted. In Jesus name I pray for our troops, that they come home soon and safely. Amen.

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