Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love to shop even online

Well, looks like I must continue to look for suppliers for my shop. It's hard finding good quality items that I would be proud to have in there. If any of you wholesalers are out there that have items that are just fantastically unique and of good quality, please give me a shout. No mass-produced junk from Asia either, please. I'm picky that way. I did find a Victorian paper company that I will be adding to my list of vendors. Also have Stone Mountain and Costa Leather along with Tignanello for my leather handbags.

I don't like pushy sales people. Just give me your sales pitch and if you are really good you will convince me to buy now rather than later, if you don't, I'll call you back. If you keep calling me and leaving messages I will find another vendor. Simple as that.

I'm going to go look at a space tomorrow and see if I like it. I will also have to get a bigger car so I'm able to haul things back and forth when it's necessary. Talk about spending money, sheesh! I hate car shopping. See, now if I can convince my husband to buy a new truck for himself I won't have to get a new car. I can just use his truck when I need to, right? Yep, that's what I will do.

It's raining again today. I love it, I have a pot of coffee going and I'll be baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies here in a few. Polly can't have any chocolate because she's a parrot, a Quaker parrot. She likes people food. She dances too.

You know there are still times when I miss the routine of going to work every morning, having conversations with adults and getting all dressed up for the office. Now, I must admit, there are days I don't even get out of my PJs, Gasp --- the horror!! I have noticed, however, that my stress headaches are gone; don't miss those nor do I miss the traffic on horrendous LBJ freeway. I do get dressed and put makeup on to go to the store, old habits die hard I guess. I'm going to have to post my friends pics from work here pretty soon. They were all so sweet to me when I worked with them. Hey JPM dudes and dudettes, I miss you guys! Chris, keep them in line cuz you know you da man!

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