Monday, June 18, 2007

Jewelry lessons?

My flabber has been gasted!! A lady from my old job actually asked me if I would give her jewelry-making lessons and she would pay me!! I was like, wait a minute, whoa! There is not an ounce of teacher in me. It's all I can do to home school my kids and that is a mess at times. The very fiber of my being is screaming and telling me, no...don't do it, you can't even make just sit and try to make're not formally educated to make it, you received no formal training whatsoever!!

On this particular occasion, I will have to agree with the fiber of my being. I just sit and make it. I don't draw, I don't think up a design, I don't miraculously "see" inspiration in any place or any thing. I take my stones, crystals, silver and surround myself with it. Ever so absentmindedly, I go into a jewelry making trance and an hour or two later I come out of it and there before me are my creations.

You might say, well, your creations are not that nice. You know what? You're right. I don't have the talent of my friend Marcia who cuts her own split rings nor can I make the butt-kicking, manually soldered bracelets that my friend Mermaid does until her fingers feel no more. I'm a light-weight compared to them. But that's okay, we all have our talents, our likes and dislikes.

I started this as a hobby. It helps me relax. I need to relax because I have kids. If you'll remember a couple days ago I posted that I am not allowed to go into a state of depression for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Back to the story at hand now. I must admit I just told the lady from work - I'm sorry, but I really don't have time. Was I lying? No, not really. I DON'T have time. I also don't have the patience to show someone a craft left better being taught by someone who knows how to teach properly. What if I start teaching her and she pisses me off? Then I'll want to send her to her room. She might look at me funny.

Martha, from the bottom of my heart, if you're reading this. I lied! I don't feel I'm worthy of teaching the likes of you. Maybe some other day, in another life and by someone else. For now, this depression-depraved mother of two will keep to herself and her own trance-like trips into the world of jewelry-making. I'll go it alone. I'll survive....10 minutes at a time.

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