Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Going to make some candles today. People are wanting spring-y, fresh-smelling types during this season. I recently discovered a wonderful fragrance at an antique mall down the street from my house. It is by Greenleaf and the fragrance is called Timberleaf. It is truly delightful. I'm going to my candle supplier to see if I can mix some oils and come up with something that smells as close to it as possible.

I have to start preparing gift baskets for Mother's Day as well. Luckily, I have plenty of cute baskets to stick a soap, lip balm and lotion in for the least expensive gifts that seem to sell a lot more quickly. With the overall economy and seeing how so many people are really struggling to get even the most basic of necessities met, I must make sure I have items that are reasonably priced. But, reasonable doesn't mean they have to settle for poor quality or unappealing presentation of their chosen gifts.

I will post pictures of the ready to give gifts on here as soon as I possibly can. I can't promise anything will be on here very soon because I have so many things to do. I will, however, make it worth your reading while. :o)

God bless everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

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