Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy-ness with my Business

I've been away from my blog for a while now because I've been busy drumming up business. My soap is selling very well. Since they are all natural, a lot of people are buying them. Which, in turn, depletes my inventory thus my need to pour new batches. Messy, messy work. I'm trying to convince Mr. Sir that we need to convert the garage into my craft room. This way I can make my soap in there and let it cure without disturbing it.

Next month I start up all my jewelry shows in preparation for Mothers Day gifts the following month. I hope the weather cooperates. By that, I mean I hope it doesn't get too hot. I don't like the heat. Heat and I don't mix well. I even sweat cold. I hate to sweat.

The price of sterling silver is through the roof right now. I'm hoping customers realize this. Currently, I have about 250 bracelets ready to sell and over 400 pairs of earrings. Not quite happy with the selection of necklaces I have but I guess there are all kinds of people with different tastes. Like that ugly, green, lamp work set with gold swirls. Ghastly! Sold it right off my body to a co-worker. I was floored--and a couple hundred bucks richer. :-)


Theresa said...

Hope you get Mr. to convert the garage. Seems like it would be a Godsend. And about the price of silver? Oy Vey!!! It's going through the roof. Your items are gorgeous. Good luck with the craft shows this year. They seem on a downward trend unfortunately! I am a craft show crafter myself and it's hard work. Stop on over to my blog, Crafter BS. I just did a post the other day on how the weather can really play havoc on our businesses.


Blings and Girly Things said...

Thanks for the invite, Theresa, I'll most certainly come by for a visit.

As for craft shows, well, I don't do those. I tried a couple times and it wasn't worth it as they were not organized with the crafter's benefit in mind but rather the bottom dollar and profit for the organization holding them.

I do shows at companies or retirement communities. A lot easier to do, no competition and thus more lucrative for me. Word of mouth and my website is where I get most of my customers.

Thank you kindly for the nice compliments. They are most appreciated!