Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm back and I'm busy!!

I haven't been on here because I've been busy with my jewelry, among other crafty things. I cannot believe more than a week has passed since I last blogged. Wow, I'm really slacking. I just have a million things going right now. Little Princess decided to take a crafting class every Saturday morning so that's where I've spent the last two Saturdays. The teenage-type offspring is having a birthday next Tuesday so I took him shopping for clothes yesterday. I cannot believe how much he's grown in so little time. My baby is all grown up. Gone are the days where I went shopping for him and got the sizes correct. His jeans are now 32x34, I was shocked beyond words. I wanted to cry.

You see, my son is the silent type. When he was little and I had company, nobody knew him. He would never come out unless he was told to do so. He was and still is so very shy. He preferred to play in his room to going out and hanging with friends and still does to this day. He doesn't ask for anything and is usually pretty happy with whatever he gets. Doesn't complain. He's a straight-A student. He makes me so very proud. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be his mother. He's a gentle soul that God has blessed me with and I couldn't have wished for a better son.

I have to order his cake for next Tuesday and want to surprise him with one that looks like a computer. I'll have to see if I can find a place that will make that. I have a computer shaped cake pan but I don't want to mess it up as I'm not good at drawing the designs on it. It has to be perfect. I still find it hard to believe my baby will be 17 already. I was going through his old stuff not too long ago and came across one of his favorite toys as a young child. Woody from Toy Story. I asked him if he wanted it knowing full well what his answer would be. He just smiled and said no. I promptly took it from him and put it on my dresser. It will sit there until someday when he has his own son, it will be passed down to him.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe he's 17 now! WOW!

Ashley turned 19 in May. Time sure is speeding by.

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