Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Boomers and Beyond

I was pondering the thought of getting old, or older I should say and it seems that the older I get the more certain I am of my refusal to get so old I will no longer be able to have independence. You know, the kind of independence where I can go to the bathroom on my own. To be able to shower myself without the assistance of someone who demands a large sum of money to take a gander at my wrinkly butt while they are lathering my (hopefully) skinny body.

I love old people. I love kids. However, I like old people better. I don't know if it's the helplessness I see in their soulful eyes or if it's the cruel reality that I'm headed in that direction quicker than a rabbit gets screwed. There is something about old people that just makes me want to hug them and reassure them that all is going to be alright; and if not, at least they get to meet our Creator and cross over to greener pastures, so to speak. Goodbye cruel world, no more paying taxes to that greedy Uncle Sam, no more making the doctors rich who in turn make the pharmaceutical companies richer. What is it about doctors that the minute you walk in their office they are handing you a prescription for something almost before you explain what your symptoms are? Why are they not better at helping to educate the patients on preventive measures instead of trying to use the band-aid approach for all types of ailments?

Being that my little Princess has what suspiciously seems to me as ADHD, I've been trying out more natural/alternative methods of treatment with her. Not only am I more aware of the foods we are eating but I'm researching a lot of natural and herbal remedies. Whole foods are not cheap; not by a long shot. I did recently discover a cool company that allows you to be part of a co-op for organic fruits and vegetables for next to nothing, really next to nothing. It is truly amazing the opportunities that can be available to us if we do the research.

My daughter and I are also trying out this new drink called Nopalea. I've tried various "health" juices in the past that tasted pretty nasty and thus discontinued the use of same. Some did help my rotator cuff problems but the taste was nothing I'd ever want to experience again. I've noticed that this juice has really helped me with keeping my glucose levels at a nice even keel. With the poor eating habits I've exercised throughout my life, this is the one juice that's really made a difference.

If more people with health issues would just do their research, they would find that there is help out there. We don't have to suffer and be at the mercy of doctors and their quick-to-prescribe habits. It's better to prevent a potential harmful disease than find yourself fighting for your life, literally. What is that ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think they were talking about something like this juice. The best part is that it tastes good. You don't have to plug your nose while you swallow it and hold your breath until you can wash the taste out of your mouth with a swig of something that tastes good. I've got my order on autoship. I don't want to be without this juice that even my little Princess looks forward to drinking every morning.

So, please, please do your research and find something natural that you can use for you, for your loved ones, for your health. God bless you all, and here's to a long and healthy life!

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