Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Under our Christmas tree, anyway. I just love Christmas. Despite the nasty Texas, un-Christmas-like weather! I've been baking a lot and the house smells delightful. It could also be all the candles I've been making. Either way, it smells so good!

Had to drop the Little Princess off for a few hours at a sitter's house so I could wrap her gifts and some others that if she knows what it is in them she will be immediately infirmed with diarrhea of the mouth. I had commented last week on a cool new electric shaver that I planned on getting for Mr. Sir for Christmas. Guess who piped up and loudly announced it on one of Mr. Sir's days off? "Oh, daddy, mommy said she's going to get you one of those for Christmas." Right when the commercial came on. Yep, I turned and glared at her with imaginary arrows darting at her.

So, today, just to be on the safe side, I dropped her off for a few hours. The sitter wanted her to spend the night but although that would have been wonderful and a much deserved evening of peace and quiet for me, I had to say no as it is a school night. Those few hours of peace and quiet were precious. They would've been even better if I hadn't found the friggin' cat laying on the living room couch. Argh! I hate that cat.

She's ornery, nasty and sheds everywhere. I can't even get rid of her, try as I might. Even the shelters turned her away and she's a Siamese...they said they had no more room. I have at some very desperate moments wanted to just throw her out the door and close and lock the door and never let her in again. I just don't have the heart and it would be very irresponsible of me to do that.

If anybody wants a free Siamese, all shots/records, spayed and ready to come lay on your can have her for the taking. I also have a Turkish Van that's real sweet but I have had it with cats. My kids don't want to look after them and I only gave birth to two living creatures, not four. I know I couldn't possibly be so lucky that someone would just take them off my hands; throughout my life, luck appears to evade me.

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